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SSJ Furlong
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I for one, would like to see this femininja in action.

Too damn funny,"a subsidiary of Ovaltine" has me in stiches.
Everytime I read Ah-Sum-Tep I giggle a little on the inside, thanks Ben. It almost sounds like a small homage to me....Wow, that really came off as vain. Though I am awesome.
I'm going to go out on a very stoned limp here and say Ralph Kramden & Ed Norton?

Twist is right about the blurred backgrounds. Keep rockin' our collective socks.
You know the whole telephone wire never crossed my mind....turns out there were 3 ways this could have ended. Well done, my sides are sore.
Zom-Ben, NO!!! You're only going to hit the ground with exponentially increasing velocity. If you left your innards in the toilet during your morning rituals, I can only imagine what would happen when falling from a great height.
Two scenarios:

1) You land on your feet and drive your ankles into your adam's apple or

2) You land on anything else and that's the end of this oh so great comic...over before it even got going, oh Zom-Ben will you ever learn?
I'm glad you specified that you're not the punisher I was confused for a fraction of a second...I get it Duncan is like Zom-Ben's Alfred!!
Looking good, but I've already read it all. YAH GO ME :D
ROFL, THAT is a bored zombie.
Good thing he didn't flush in the last comic....
Woah. Amazing zombie face, truly you are a king among zombies. Good luck @ 24 Hour.
He's designed a tattoo for me :D
Well done, didn't know you still talked to Colin. It's good to know you still keep in touch with people and havn't let all this celebrity get to your head.
That Benson can be really profound when he needs to be. Especially when there's treasure involved. Great analogy by the way...although I don't think vinegar has a strong enough acidity level.
Well I guess being an innocent bystander is over now! Thanks Ben! I was just watching, now I've been asked a direct question....Damn you. You know how I hate being drawn into things.
So, in the last scene where you said it was going to be getting blue...were you referring to your skin colour as you choked?
I'm not following. Are you implying that kid is ben when he was younger? Not to sound ignorant but all cartoon kids look a like...for the most part. Matter of fact I'd be so bold as to say most kids(animated or otherwise) look a like.
Sorry alracD, I don't know who he is...though there is something strangely familiar about him.
The kid is right. Last I saw, you were freakin' out in a Casa del Taco. And you weren't Zom-Ben in the least.

I do enjoy this scene though. On a roof talking to some random kid with a leg up. Now that's good storytelling.