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September 4th, 2019
No worries! I'm not dead!
So sorry for how long it took.
I tried a new workflow, which took long to get used to. Don't think I might use that again. Also, I've been giving myself a break to relax. Especially since last week was brutal at work (never work at a drive-thru). Plus, I found that it's okay to indulge in some fanart once in a while. I'm currently in the process of looking elsewhere for work to avoid mental and physical exhaustion. Also, I'm planning to open art commissions and reopening my Patreon. More updates will come on that later, in case you're curious on supporting more than just Blue Fire. There's also my ko-fi, that's an option.
August 18th, 2019
Oof. Late again. But I'm going to try and be more forgiving on myself. Here's the other page. We're almost done with Ch 2 guys!!
As stated above, I'm working on finishing a different project, and hopefully Blue Fire will be back again before the end of July. Aiming for Mid-July
It's later than usual, but here it is. Thanks for bearing with me ya'll
Sorry that it's late. This might be a problem since I'm also juggling an animation project, and taking an online workshop in a few days (so more learning yay). That and I might end up juggling with fanart.
Page is late, but hey made it ^^
A few days ago I got an email with more fanart! So happy getting fanart
Finally graduated and ready to come back. Thank you so much for being patient. Expect more frequent weekly updates (I'll do my best to attempt it).
January 21st, 2019
I was aiming for uploading on Sunday, but alas. Also, with heavy sadness, I announce that I'll be starting my FINAL semester tomorrow (today's a holiday here). So we will be on another hiatus. I'm sorry that the updates weren't more frequent. But big thanks to everyone for your patience. See you in summer.
Thank you Cheyanne. Been a while. Got this in my inbox a few weeks ago.
January 7th, 2019
So sorry for how late this page is. I've had problems with the drawing process. Also, got another piece of fanart few weeks ago.
December 25th, 2018
Merry Christmas and Happy holidays.
I'm so sorry with how late this page is. Looks like I'm still in "winter break" mode, rather than "artist" mode. This page was also a struggle for me.
December 9th, 2018
bit late, but I made it ^^
Doing work-study during winter break and still working part-time really eats at your mental and physical energy. So here's to me trying to get weekly updates, no promises.
The break has finally come, but this post will explain why the page isn't here yet. Fear not, I WILL be making pages.
This was meant to be updated last week, but I burnt out.
Being out of practice drawing comics isn't fun. But thankfully we're kind of past the halfway mark. Sadly I must bid you all adieu, because fall semester has started. I will see you all during Christmas. And thanks to everyone who patiently stuck with me.
OMG almost 2 months inactivity. So sorry every1.
I've got at least another week of break left before the fall semester starts up again.
Hopefully I'll try to get another page in time.
Hey everyone long time no see. I managed to whip my exhausted and lazy butt into completing a page.
As for updates, I'm going to TRY and update when I can during the summer. I don't know how frequent updates will be, so bear with me. Thank you again for your patience everyone ^^
January 15th, 2018
What do ya know. I made it. That's it. I'm officially on hiatus. I'll just say this, this page wasn't easy to finish in one sitting. But hey, I made it surprisingly. And at long last, we see his face. I'll be back around summer maybe?
January 8th, 2018
This is a late update, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to pump out a page before the upcoming Sunday. I'll be starting school back again this Tuesday, & this might be the start of another school induced hiatus. I'll just have to wait & see. I'll be posting and announcement sometime this Sunday or so about the temporary hiatus.
December 31st, 2017
Wow, late again. But not too late for the end of 2017. Happy New Years everyone ^^