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I have dark brown hair, I like animals and draw a lot (though I don't think I'm that good at it). I'm pretty good at drawing cats and mostly animals. I don't like seafood, boring things, learning boring things/things I already know, and annoying people.
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I knew that they were playing some sort of game! For some reason.
I took it and it said I was Alaya. Nice quiz!
I'm half Korean and I'm also short too!
I checked your new manga and it seems to be intresting, so I faved it to keep an eye on it.
Saki does have the potential to use magic! Just practicing should help...even just a little.
Skye didn't even notice that Spencer was in his class this whole time...hehe. Xin looks a bit crazy but sad too, very sad.
...isn't that boy skip from Side Walk Block? He's dressed up as a girl! It's funny though, I'm not good at telling if someone is a girl or a boy if they look like a girl or a boy.
"This is my offcial challenge letter, Ki Hiwatari" lol! Ki was sleeping in class. Does he always do that?
I think the knight looks cute.