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Tech geek by day - Sketch freak by night.
Enjoy working on WACOM digital art in Krita, Corel-Painter. Also enjoy pushing the pencils, inks and paints on real paper often.
Some of the fav Anime: Akira, Spirited away, Howl's Floating Castle, Attack on Titan, Parasyte the maxim, the list goes on and on.
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    Lance Worman
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Page 25
Jeeesh it's taking forever to get these added - sorry between work and life, sometimes I gotta dig deep for the motivation. Hope everyone is having a great week and can't wait for it to start warming up - anyway - enough jibberjabber - Page 25 is up!
Still plugging along
Sorry for the big gaps between pages - life gets in the way a lot sometimes :)
Hope you are enjoying the story of Float Girl!
This being my first graphic novel/comic - it's been a huge learning experience.
The art and even the colors change from page to page - mostly due to experimenting with different techniques and styles.
Hope you are enjoying the journey as much as me :)
Enough jibber jabber - happy days everyone!
Page 22 - trying some different methods with text and art process - Happy Sunday everyone!
@crbravo: You are so awesome thank you so much!! :)
@Ryan Domonica: Thank you Ryan!! I'll try to keep them coming!!
Really enjoy your style - love the lines and curves of the characters and colors/shading are beautiful! Enjoying the story and looking forward to your next post!! Thanks for sharing!!
@Ryan Domonica: Thank you so much Ryan!! I really like how this one came out too!! :)
Sorry for the delay folks! Thanks for stopping by Float Friends!