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Ores reminds me of the Quarians / Tali etc.. From Mass Effect x3 It's the suit and the mask i bet haha

Love your comic so far~ (started reading it today)
Love your comic~ :DD
omg my heart ;-;
Be still my feels.

Cannot wait for the next update!
omg <3
i died of cuteness at the last two panels <3
lovely page as always!

Poor momo ;C
*sighs* oh kuro

And me personally, i like the colour better but that is just me xD i don't mind the screentones tho. I love those too :D
Same goes to you! Enjoy the weekend :)

I found this comic today; and read it all in one go! Subscribed via Rss and now you updated! So i am happy <3 xD

Enjoy the chocolate and the chips. :3 And good luck with your diet!
He smiled <3 look at his face! omg it's so precious and i love his expression <3 :D
April 19th, 2016
I wonder who it is?
I think it's Ranach

And i srsly ship these two. so bad.
please tell me, i ain't the only one? xD
I read this comic in a few hours and omg i love it >3<
I just loove arco's face! He's already falling (or fallen?) and he doesn't even know it. (yet)

I love his expression -3-
November 25th, 2015
I'm sure a kiss will help Gannet x'D
November 18th, 2015
Omg! I love those expressions!! *-*
It's a date! <3
Yeah he has the fluffy fluff! :D Now where is his whale ornament haha :P

Aww so cute <3 I ship 'em *-*
Aww. All them feels! <3

And 100+ hours a week! Damn, that's a lot!
*hugs* You can do it!

I'd love to be a patron but unfortunately i can't really afford it atm :(
Owww :( Poor Allea! :'( Damn.

Cynthia shouldn't have said it, with everyone around. y'know?
haha ooh arco x'D
October 1st, 2015
nawwwh <3

Stubborn babies :D
I read your whole comic in about 1 hour! i love it so much!! <3 *-*