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I picked the image that I did for my avatar because I loved the "Gonna Be the Twintails" anime. Its a great anime that I would recommend to anyone who likes comedy, genderswap animes, fun characters, cool transformations, fun stories.

I made a account here just so I could comment on webcomics i like instead of using a Guest-type name.
Such a great moment.
May seem random and odd but I love the fact I am one of the ones who did not guess where this was going. Would not have guessed Collete would out herself, in any ways.

So it is wonderful how your characters rarely fall into a typical Anime-esque role or tropes. They seem very real, so it keeps your viewers curious and guessing. Also makes people pay closer attention to the background characters too.
Supportive "RAIN"
I hope Rain and Chanel comes in to support her. As that is what I feel the cover symbolizes. *Giggles.* "Rain" always there for Maria.

Side note: Rainy weather is not always bad, it can be good at times.
Hehe you're stuck with us fans.
Hehe personally I feel it is not easy to get rid of your fans. ^-^
Also, this calm moment is nice too after the drama.
Take all the time you need. Could be good to wait even until some time after the new year.

I suggest finding something fun and happy to watch, after a good cry, so to bring a small bit of happiness into it. Comedies, animes, whatever works.
Since it's not intentionally malicious, Ky should pull a paper folding fan (anime harisen) from some place and smack him.^-^ It would help him shove that foot of his farther down his throat.

If she wants to be nice, could just facepalm and then smack him with her palm if he says anything else dumb.
Depending on how things go, i currently can only imagine 2 outcomes, based on what rain said and how I think Debbie may react.

Either option A:
Deebie ignoring it all, becoming completely single-minded and stubborn. Even doing something cruel and drastic that would destroy any chances of making amends. Thinking she was in the right.

OR option B:
Guilt actually hit her, she realizes how heartless and selfish she been and so tries to make amends. Even if it don't work, could say the effort was there.

(if this was anime though, I would say she turn into a villain.)
Whenever Debbie appears, I always feel like a drama moment is coming. Similar when Kellen is on screen. So I tend to be on the edge of my seat thinking about what could happen.

On the other note. ^-^ I think you should carefully take as much time as you need with moving. After all rushing isn't to good, could hurt yourself and then your fans would end worrying.
I feel sorry for maria and Chanel. Being left out is never fun.

Maybe Maria and Chanel could spend a cozy night at home. Cool/cute outfits, late night snuggling with movies and snacks.
^-^ Spending time with someone you love is always good.

I like to try and find atleast something, no matter how small, that is a positive/silver lining for me to think about, so not to fixate on the depressing parts.
Because...seems fun.
If it could be possible. I would LOVE to vote for Rain and or Emily but I get the strong feeling they would not want to be in the spotlight, sadly.

So my second/ACTUAL choice I guess I will say Maria and Gavin. xD Because based on their current personalities, they would most likely chuckle about the whole thing then shrug it off and go about their night like usual. Which could still be amusing.
May be old and cliche rule, but i still go by a gold rule of treat others how you want to be treated.....Kallen is so hateful towards others that its hard to not show that same emotion towards her.

While it's good to see her at the very least going to a therapist to learn more. I doubt it will stick the way its intended if at all. She could suddenly have selective hearing and the info will twist in her mind, in order to hear what she wants or simply for her to upset herself.

BUT now if she is willingly to learn, which is a big if, she will need countless sessions. As changing a stubborn or "gotta be right" type of person's view point is possibly one of the hardest things anyone could do.
Time for me to ramble alittle ^-^
I feel really sorry for Chanel, she shouldn't need to deal with that.

Since the main cast all is pretty much having the same difficulties with the school's prom, aside from maybe gavin. They should just get together some place, all dressed up and have their own Prom.

In the future if anyone ever asks about prom, they could say they went to "A Prom" and had a good time. So a Prom, to me, in essence can be described as "A big dance where you dress up with friends, have fun and get memorable pictures." That's it, which the mains could do somewhere else without judgement or so much worry.

I am sure this has all been said by others before, but I wanted to give my own input too.
Curious idea
I don't know how much sense this will make. My sense of fashion is horrible but I had a interesting thought for Ky's prom outfit. Wouldn't it be cool and kind of fitting to her fun personality and style if Ky showed up to prom in a tuxedo jacket, blouse and tie BUT instead of pants, she wore a skirt and sneakers.
Glad to hear so much good news. ^-^

As much as I would love for the comic to come sooner, I do not mind waiting. That way your at top performance, heheh, to deal with all your fans who have been patiently or impatiently waiting. xD

Of course even the filler pages and updates are nice. ^-^ Because your commentary/explanation below each picture are nice.
I want to fully believe things will work out. I do not believe the Rainly ship is over, it may simply slow down or be put on hold for awhile. Now i am gonna ramble alittle.

Emily's expression and what she said in the last panels makes sense. She has had a rough past, her present is full of drama and alot of thoughts she is worrying over. We know she cares deeply for Rain, would never want to hurt her. So maybe she is just too worried and over-thinking how things in the future may effect those around her.

So maybe if she says she doesn't want to be in a full relationship, even with rain right now, i like to think it is only due to her own self-confidence, self-doubt and various unknowns.
*rambling over.*
Bad timming but Rain is good at finding awkward moments to say things or for things to be aid to her.....
*Takes a deep breathe, about to scream in joy but stops and just decides to be extra corny.*
Now the Rainly ship is going even stronger..If the great Rainly ship was any greater, it would be a personification in Kantai Collection. ~-^
That is so cute and I love how Allison seems ok and even wanting to help Rain with her makeup.

I still ship Rainly fully and still think allison would be better as a sisterly type.

On a slightly different note, if Allison is not the sisterly/supportive type, I am wondering how she would react to learning of Rain's feelings for Emily. Love is powerful and dangerous, some feelings never fade. So would she become jealous or depressed because of still having feelings for Rain or would she still be ok in the end.
February 26th, 2016
So many feels lately. Ky is totally justified by the way in her actions.

To me trust is something fragile yet infinite. Its something anyone can receive and give to anyone else at any time. But the moment someone breaks the trust they were given, even working hard to repair it, they may never regain that level of trust again.

Its probably easier for people who are really forgiving. But that's just my thoughts. There will always be slivers of doubts.
Rain has so much on her plate to deal with already. So I don't want to think of any more negativity added.

So I truely believe Allison would make a good supporter of Rain. But if she did react badly in any way, I think it might be similar to how Gavin was when he found out. He was hurt that Rain, his best friend, didn't tell him and took abit to recover.

On a lighter note. Hehe I do like Allison but I don't pair her with Rain as anything but a friend. I believe the Rain x Emily ship must sail on! ^___^ It's just to great.
love this.
I absolutely love how supportive Emily is.

xD Rain should totally change her last name so to disown Kellen completely. ^-^ Then she could truely have Emily as her ONLY sister. Though that probably be over-doing things.

Also Rain's face in the last panel made snicker alittle.
I love Puddle.
I can totally picture Rain getting to keep her and ride her around. Rain and Adorable beast of DOOM going to fight evil beasties and save the day!
Also Pixie Chanel is to cute, i get a feeling she could do so many sneaky silly things.