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Ben's Shirt
I know the RU is about the comic's name, but I think differently for this page.
For this page it's "R U Kidding me"
P.S. I love this ^.^ Just getting up-to-date. New reader.
Just more hype for the next page X3
This cute moment is going to be ruined by Sergio meeting Claude D:
Am I the only one who noticed how sad it was that Simon was basically not allowed to have friends before Sergio and Nilus showed up. That's just sad.
Sergio, Nilus, and Simon all have tragic pasts... in which their parents died. But Sergio has an ancestor and a demon grandfather, Nilus has Samekh, and Simon has a step-father of Bradley. I really want an explanation but I have to wait. And then you add the delinquents and you have a lot of explaining to do. And I can't wait!
I can't wait for the next page :3
I've been waiting for the next page! I love this comic and I kept telling my friends "The next page of my favorite webcomic comes out on Wednesday" aka. I spread this comic to my friends :P.
I was thinking about it, and I bet Simon is going to be... less than super-intelligent, bust I'm not sure about his social standing. He could be popular or not and Serge could be bullied, liked immediately, or forced to join the popular crowd and his friends. I just named the scenarios that usually happen when entering school. Whatever happens, I'M SO EXCITED!

This is not a spoiler, it is a theory about what is going to happen, which is most likely wrong.
Last Panel
Simon is unimpressed.
I found this comic at Emerald City Comicon, and I binge read it just today, and I have to say one thing, I love it!