@Xanatos: he already shot it
just noticed that the last two are "kick butt" and "take names"
did anyone notice he is pulling on the space outside of the frame, breaking the laws of comic physics?
dude, that's Ezio....
...implanted hidden blade... *fangirl SMASH!!!*

quite the interesting comic
the best what? air?
i think des broke a wrist...
apparently Malik forgot how to spell his own name...
and same thing w/ "sperm bag" & dads
specify what talent you want, i tried that once, now im good at ripping huge belches out of nowhere. im a girl, so i get raged on for it
don't forget about TedEd's homosexual necrophiliac ducks! one mallard saw the other die, and necrophilia ensued.

Anyway, an AstroTurd garden would be interesting, it'd be hard to pick up the dog doo...
a couple people came to school in Ghillie suits for camo day
or you could do it Kill Bill style! im not gonna say what that means
im like your sister on period, but like you all the time (at home)
is the one on the left kaxenvamp?
they get someone to watch them then mind read them
and a lot of them supplemented their pay by leading their charges into alleys and abandoning them for hitmen who shared the findings w/ the linkboys
holy crap, i read this comic and a second later i hear "they're gonna rip it off" (it's a line in Seven Nation Army [playing at the time])