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Big Lou
I'm a Journalism student with a little bit of spare time, so why not make some comics?
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The yellow speech bubble in the fourth panel is Greg's Pokédex, btw. I didn't really make that very clear, so I thought I'd explain here!
@Yria: I'm glad you like it! Thanks for checking it out. Means a lot. :)
Just giving it a shot
I'm pretty new to Smackjeeves so I'm not sure how to advertise much, hahaha. But this is the latest page to my comic called "Greg and Cal Do Hoenn". It's basically about this one guy who's really dedicated to becoming a Pokémon trainer after living in Littleroot for so long, and his friend Cal tagging along because he has nothing better to do. I've got abut 4 fans so far, and always looking for new ones! I'm a totally open book when it comes to criticism. Just looking to build up my reader-base! :)

Here's a link to the comic:
@ThatOneSpriter: It's a great program for sure, Thanks for tuning in! :)
This comic never fails to impress. Always excited about an update.
Also, I agree with everyone else, the graduation outfits do look really good. Looking forward to the next page!
Awesome comic so far dude, always looking forward to the next update. Cheers!
I'm liking the comic so far! Interested to see what the Eskeia region holds.
Interesting so far, although I've never heard of "Rockman Infinity", I may have to check it out!
@ThatOneSpriter: No worries, I picked up on the sarcasm! You didn't seem condescending haha, I'm glad you're enjoying the comic though! :)
After re-reading this comic, I realize I made two typos that I didn't fix. Both are in the second last panel.
Greg should say "Come on Cal" instead of "Come one Cal", and Cal should say "with our lives" instead of "with out lives"... My bad!
- Big Lou