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likes: horror anything, video games (most fav. is RE series, FF Series, and pokemon), movies, books, manga, anime, comics, cold weather, clouds, and sleeping.

dislike: hot weathers, overly happy people, being bored, being force to do stuff, being alone, mean people and closed minded, and color brown.

hobbies: drawing, writing, playing video games, listening to music, reading, talking to people, and looking up stuff.

online work places:,, smackjeeves, and

Online comics:

Skool_Daze (slow up-date)

Emo cornor (collab)

Yaoi farm(collab but haven't posted anything...)

Z Plauge (collab)

offline comics (might be posted in the future):

Chibi_Death (rewriting cuz my mom took the first copies...)

Scary's Comic (zombie filled comic)
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yeah! I agree, blood is sexy. ^A^;


sorry I felt left out...
oi! This is not fair! I want to join but I'm banned for the computer! *cries*

and my art is okay... not good soOoOo... yeah... *sulks* TAT
ah, the shonen-ai stories... I actually hate them, but still read them, unless theres a real story.
Riku: "And... I can't tell Sora, I feel rainbow love for him..."


btw, I had a dream with Dr. Shipman, idk why though... Really gore-y and creepy... but cool.
don't they see the blood? At least the bartender...

lol, love the line: "Damn, I feel like cutting her arms off"
umm... That looks like it taste good... *shifty eyes* Lemme taste! *innocent smile*
omigawd! They're gonna die!

My fear of needles have just gotten worst... T_T;
February 25th, 2008
OoOh... I like so far!
so temped to join but my comics are old and my style has change but... I can't color good...

btw... awesome! I love him! Just cant touch him tough...
February 21st, 2008
O__o; OMFG... Just smile Taki, the scary man might go away...*hides from shrink*
Riku is feeling rejected! *cries*
You killed yourself for the stake of the comic! How noble! lol
well better is good... I say do it! *thumps up and runs from other fans*
February 14th, 2008
Kizzy! Kizzy! I luv you! My luv has been increase ten-fold when you up-date your comics! *hugs*
*jaw drops* OMFG! Really a game?! I must play it!

You make an awsome Lupo cosplay! XD
oOoh! Kissyness...
awsomelly drawn! love KH and this paring!
thats my favorite play!