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I drew various things while in childhood and high school (actually, mostly dragons). In college I entered a microbiology major and took a break fron art. Upon discovering that I love creating stories but can't write prose, my interests turned to comics. Even though I had art courses in high school, nothing prepared me for the (exciting) challenges of comics.

With my comics, I have two goals: one, to improve my comic art to a professional level; and two, to achieve this goal using only traditional methods. I get my inspiration from the works of Osamu Tezuka, Hagio Moto, Shigero Mizuki and Keiko Takemiya. I would also like to try having no physical or digital screen tone.
@Ian Evans: Yeah...I might have to change that term. xD
This is the very last page of Concerning Rosamond Grey, forever. :'(

Stay tuned for the sequel comic, coming sometime this year, and my print-on-demand edition of this comic.
Trick question: why is the girl pointing to him? ;) Hint: Victorian etiquette.
We'll see how long this chapter takes. ;)
@Ian Evans: Nice! Thank you! I'll keep everyone posted. :D

I also need to update the page: character bios, stuff about the mysterious organ, etc.
The last page. :D

Before you start panicking, I have some plans in store:

1. a 10-20 page epilogue. Probably this will happen in December during Christmas break.
2. I'll look into making a hardcopy, probably via a make-by-order service (,
3. Character sketches for the sequel comic! And other related goodies.

I want to thank the following people for their support: Ronda E., Lindsay O., Casey K., Amber I., Kenda S., Ingrid Y., Brianna S., Kaitlyn T.,Amanda H., Dorothy B., David M., and there's probably more that I have to think of.
I realized that this is the second to the last page, and the story is finished.
The joys of trying to stand on hooves...
I originally had the panels arranged to where it looked like Oldfellow's head joined the doctor's body in the next panel. Thankfully it was an easy fix. :)
Ah shoot: I forgot to update the SJ site; I'm very sorry. I need to keep track of things.

I like how SJ is updating things and trying to keep current. :D This is another reason to try to keep in touch with this site.
If I had known this chapter would take so long, I would have split it up. ;)
I'm s0o late! I'm very sorry: school has been my priority, lately! And I posted this on time at deviantart, too.

And this is the first time you see Elaishar unmasked.  I had the idea of making a reference sheet before, I swear.
Foreshortening is evil, evil, I say.

Tuesdays are my long days, so I will switch to Mondays as my update day, so I have the weekend to fit the comic in.
It just felt right to have to look at a cadaver, eh, anatomy book. :) I am a future medical professional, after all. I referenced Tezuka's Black Jack so the picture isn't too gory for you guys, I hope.
Now I have to figure how to show gore, without being gory. xD