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Hey there. For those of you who don't know who I am, I've been on smack jeeves for a long time. I'm pretty good at spriting, and I'm willing to help out anyone who needs advice.

Now that you know a little about me, go ahead and check out my comics.
How long has it been? 5 years?

Anyways just thought I'd stop by and say hi.

I'm actually still doing some stuff under a new name (Oolongearlgrey)
A better version of cratch-spriting/
Forgot to upload this from almost three months ago
@Kirbysmith [DJ]: He's the protagonist from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4.

And thanks, by the way.
@Guest: No, but I am a fan of his work
The head was easily the most time-consuming part.
I try to make time for both.
@FlyingMonkey: Thanks!

For the time being, the grey colors are acting as a placeholder.

I have an idea of what to do for a color pallet.
It was the only logical choice after making regular Metal Sonic.
It has recently occurred to me that I've never made a decent sprite of plain ol' Metal Sonic, so I went and did this.

I was also listening to

so that helped, I guess
@Zalmikku: That's Kalinka, Dr Cossack's daughter.
@Zmanwarrior: In 2.0 yes.

I'm trying to be lenient with this, but posting regular art can lead to complications.
My two cents
While the texture in question does look good, I'm going agree with Zir0N and Sadpanda since it doesn't fall under the category of a sprite. I'll let it slide this time, though.

Pixel art is allowed bit full-on digital art is not. Same goes for hand drawn art.
Made these a week ago.

Might as well post em' here too.
More custom attacks. Same rules still apply; they're free to use as long as you give credit.

I'm going to just post them as soon as I make them instead of waiting to put them in one big sheet.
@Afroman17: Pixel art is OK to post.

Something like hand drawn art isn't.

Start with the body and work outwards to the arms and legs. Add the head last.

@Kirbysmith [DJ], CaptureTheFlag:

Thanks and good luck to ya!
Something I'll most likely finish a month after I forget about it.

The godawful attempt on the right I started before Generations came out.
Testing out another method of making poses. Started off with something simple to get the basic idea down. Works a lot better than editing pre-existing sprites if you really want something more "dynamic".

Also consider this a little preview for when I get back to work on that custom poses sheet.