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Ahhh, this is a gorgeous cover! And woohoo I caught up XD Sorry for my reading pattern.
Woah all those dead people, niiiice XD Are they all dead or still kinda alive-ish like those people in the mud?

Omg who is this cutie to the right, I need to know <3333
*monthy python voice* And now for something completely different!
This is beautiful, the battle ballet. I am of course listening to the theme music while reading. But you missed the opportunity to re-enact the trope of the janitor who has headphones on and doesnt' notice hell breaking loose just behind his back XD
Ouch, she's acting on those emotions after all. Brilliant expressions!
Amazing intertwining of that conversation and exposition of what they are talking about via Sandalphon and Simon <3 Your storytelling is very good.
Yesss true form <333 it's okay, the back of it is lovely too.
"We don't know where the god is at the mo-" "THERE"

Plot twist - what if he's really one of them. *"What if god was one of us?" starts playing*
"God saw the Shrek is Love Shrek is Life video and abandoned humanity" omg I live for these hover-over comments now XDDDDDD
I still think this is count Lemongrab coming in like UNACCEPTAAABLE!!!. Lilith would be in for a nasty surprise XDD
All these Andrea otherworldly struggles pages are so beautiful *stares into the mist and trees*
A panic party, omg, I love your hover-over comments XD
Wooh, another part with music, I freaking love these, they give me the right chills <3
I love this beastie. Pity it must die! Hope there are no puppies left motherless anywhere.
I am first re-reading some of the previous events to remember what was happening XD The alt text with jazzy zebra "deceptiooon, betraayed" just killed me XDDD
Hello it's a me, catching up on your comic XD

Lilith must be so used to being called whore of the abyss and worse, I don't imagine this is true rage XD
I am so happy that you got this far in your comic! I perfectly know the feeling of having a soundtrack for certain scene in mind for many years, and wishing to finally show the images and the music to people. We're still far away from reaching that goal ourselves with Zlu, but we're super excited to watch your journey! You're super hard working and determined and we admire it and look up to you :D!

I also remember how you were talking about the importance of colors in your comic, and that it will be revealed later, and I almost squealed when I saw today's page.

Now rambling aside, this is a thrilling page and combined with the music the mood is captivating. The backgrounds differ from your usual style which adds to the strangeness of this place. Aaah, this is great, can't wait to see more!

(sorry I haven't been commenting lately, I am reading the new pages as they come out but I'm too tired or stressed out by real life to put my thoughts into words most of the time)
@arswiss: Omg, I'd totally love to see that hehehe <333
Terrifying fat boss: He'll be slaughtered.
Belial: Yes. How unfortunate.
Terrifying fat boss: Go and link with him.
Belial: WHAT

Wow, hello there, as you probably know I love gigantic eyebrows too, so I am so happy now XD

And intrigued!