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Huge nerd who is introverted af irl. I make "animations", if you can even call them that, here: and draw comics and stuff here: I also MIGHT start writing stuff here:
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@artofjoe: Fair enough lol
@artofjoe: Oh no... Poor bby... He deserves a happy froggy life and not this...
@artofjoe: See, exactly. With luck like that, I'm surprised Crate's even still alive.
... Is the pan to Froggo implying something?
@RandomEgg: I think they just reload the page over and over waiting for comments ngl
@artofjoe: Yeah and how long's that gonna last?
In which I am both Alexis and Pilot
What's up with King Fluffybuns?
If it's spider... I will not be pleased...
@artofjoe: Depends on the situation... Anyone who runs with him just seems to get nerfed and becomes nonthreatening...
@novasiri: Tell them to do a better job then cuz I'm confused
@artofjoe: Ehhhhhhhhhhhh depends...
@Kessler: *insert John Cena* Are you sure about that?
@Guest: ??? Where I live, the freshmen who just came from middle school could literally be armrests for anyone else in the school
@Mahira: Pfft noddles... also no apparently they just taste like garbage
@novasiri: By the sound of it, it's either robot being or little mx pissed over there...
I like how he's like, doing the puffy up thing cats do and Paps is just like "Hmm this is going to be more difficult than originally thought"
Small guide for the uneducated:
Yeet = to throw
Yote = past tense of yeet
Lit = Cool
Diss = Insult
Roasted = Insulted
Fam = Basically the equivalent of bro or dude

Feel free to add on lol