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Huge nerd who is introverted af irl. I make "animations", if you can even call them that, here: and draw comics and stuff here:
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omg luther why
@M1mgaa: Hmmmmm fair point. I just want him to be cool about it.
I wouldn't mind being stabbed. Just straight up fucking murder me... (Those who get my reference get internet cookies and finger guns)
@The Orange Cow: Nope it's one, large, red penis XD
@M1mgaa: I don't think he will tbh. Tobi just ranted everything he's been feeling to him.
... *whispers under breath* spooky scary skeletons...
I like how Luther's pretty chill about this. Letting Tobi rant is probably something he needs the most right now. (And a loving, not sadistic father, but you know)
My poor boi is freaking out... and yet, somehow, I like this form of him. Alcohol has ironically cleared his mind of the blind faith and obedience towards his father... Like, I know this will have horrible consequences, but... ya know?
That last panel is gold. I love itttttt!
@novasiri: I apologize Author-chan, but "BD" is not yet in my dictionary. Please try again. [;)]
The alt text killed me XD