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April 5th, 2018
Ummm, Si isn't saying that Grey, 'cause he's too nice. But it is hard to keep invested when people aren't around the same things and people so perhaps I should change my screen name to Kettle.
A welcome return
And what a perfect excuse to read from the beginning again. Yuuto's self-adoptive parents are awesome.
I really miss this comic
@Liv3lafLuv: I am guessing it is a tupperware kind of bowl and cover so you microwave soup as it seems to have steam coming out of it. Tomato soup seen through a translucent cover?
June 1st, 2017
Did these two watch too much Raven?
So Drama Queendom runs in the family, although Mommy Grey seems uncursed. Hopefully no one get hurt feelings when Mel and his new bestie ignore everyone else for the rest of the day.
Things that make you go Hmmm
So is the ever subtle and low key Kylee letting Kimrick know he passes the yummy test or is the scatter brained teen letting to much slip without realizing it. Let us remember

Nice poker face Kylee
In the midst of Angst
I saw this and thought I would share an Arco moment
I am thinking Mom isn't fooled by this at all. However she probably feels an obligation to at least force G&B to make a serious effort at sneaking out as a learning experience.
Raze maybe an unintentional tease <typed with dubious voice seeing as he tilted his head so his breath would blow across poor Kalos's neck while talking> but he can sure kill a mood as well as I can't see much crush action following "murderer".
March 1st, 2017
Bust out your totally fabulous 90's inner child and walk away holding up your hand behind you.
"Talk to the hand 'cause I ain't listening"

PS I told everyone about your padded bra D-cup wanna be
I am thinking Ronald does something stupid and calm Bailey completely loses it. I think us fans aren't the only ones constantly surprised at how jacked Bailey is. Also I want to see Gannet try and deal with being protected by the guy his <cough> isn't totally in love with.
OMG Yeah an update! Umm, that isn't OMG you took to long rather OMG I love this story just to be clear. As an aside due to a major snowstorm I got emergency supplies so like Raze I will now have strawberry ice cream.
Never mind hit by a boat Arco is in the water with a distressed 20 foot long multi ton carnivorous wild creature which is part of a social group. The potential for epic level of not good is high. Also wild creatures pay the price for bad human decisions if the pod becomes aggressive steps to protect Arco will be taken.
@Mccull61: Oh right I forgot they left him with a pool of blood around his head you big mean scary Author :)
Thank you for sharing your story and art with me but in the end you have to do it for yourself first. I will happily wait until you are satisfied.
Are we sure it is Russell? I suspect Wheaton has again used his non-existent skills at reading social cues to arrive at the wrong answer to the situation again.

And how are we to know Brynn won't be following up with "Do the Tarzan yell like last night. Yeah like that, just like that."
February 1st, 2017
Sure your Drama-ness yo want o brag about being with Grey just to annoy her. While drifting on that little stretch of de-nile bring on a licky tongue kiss just to show her, no wait you'd have to ask first and I can't see Mel being down with hate kissing. Damn it will this ship never sail!

PS Jarvi I love your work too!
Hmmm, His hand is nowhere near it but in some mythology the solar plexus was the center of a beings soul. Or maybe it was just that in a space vampire movie from the 80's or 90's.
Aiden the first mortal to disgust Narcissus with his level of self absorption. Damn he hot though.
Dad Pants
Roddy baby! Seeing as you dropped trou it would be nice if you could pull up your big boy pants and spend sometime with the adorable demonbaby you made. Just saying.