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Yeah, I used to use a Smack search engine-ish thing to track it, but you were no longer listed there and I was all like... WTF? Heh, still though - the hostile takeover of the bus was inspired. I enjoyed that immensely. lmao
DL, En... you have no freaking idea how hard it was to find the comic again after my old laptop died. :(

But - Cent has found your comic again, and I'm glad to see it's enjoyable like always. Keep up the good work guys, and I'm sorry I was away for so long. :/
Yar... ye shall walk ze plank...
lol, I dunno if I even remember who my character was. All I know is that while the Prolouge did take entirely too long to wrap up, it nonetheless sets this comic up very well.

I'd just better not be dissapointed when Ch. 1 is officially underway. :)
*coughs at title*

Been waiting for this all week. Glad to see you guys are progressing on this. Keep submitting and I'll keep on reading. :)
Ze Gasp!
Well... now how could I let a comic based on my forum go without a comment? It woulld be bad form on my part if it did. That said - great start, guys. You've done me proud.

I especially love the offing of our "hero." So our style, even in modern times. If you keep this up, I might even have to spare your lives once I begin my plans for world domination. ;p

Keep it up you guys, and Pyroman - welcome to the club. Don't let those two drive you nuts, they're good at that.