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I often make fanart, especially of Fairy Tail, but I am also working on my own projects and this site is a perfect place to share my original work :>

Edit: Aaahhh sorry for the lack of updates!! I've been very busy busy with life but will continue surely this year, thank you for your patience!
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Sorry for putting this doujin on hold for a long time.
Going to finish it, 4/5 more pages to go :)
I'm glad you're having better times now ;w;
And like always looking forward to future pages <3
Hope the beginning will get you a little curious~
I finally started this for real aaahhh exciting!
Do I see nipples fufufufufufuffu
Holy this is heaven THANK YOU *DIES
AWW Hiro all flustered is way too adorab !! >v< Looking forward to how things will go further between them fufu (and as always you made everything that's happening spot on <33 )
@CuteMissyCat: Thank you always for your enthousiasm and sweet words!! >v<
@CuteMissyCat: Omg Ikr!! I will forever live with this pain T-T
@FairyWater: My friend Katita-chan painted it :D I really love her style as well <3
This took me a looong time, but I'm glad with the result ^^

This year I'm gonna work on the prologue ft Lance and Laetis.

I'll have to edit the chapter 1 cover, due to size change and to make it look cleaner~
Ohohoh he's gonna get some *v*
I'm so happy you're updating again! I've missed you <3
@shadowpen: Thank you! I'm glad you like Eliot as well ^^
This is Eliot, the one Laetis meets when she's going to look for Lance in the forbidden woods
His complete outfit ~
@CuteMissyCat: aethdylgyukzag thank you for loving one of my children haha I rlly love drawing his hair <3
Haven't worked on this in a while, so uploading some sketches. I'll be practicing some angles of other chars as well, which I'll upload here too ^^
Sorry for the long wait!
Next page will be coming in about two weeks~

Edit 10 jan 16: Sorry for not updating, I've been very busy and haven't had any time for making new pages, but no worries, I'll be sure to update asap
Nnooo me wants moar haha
You really have a nice artstyle <3
Hahaha omg I love the beginning already! Great idea, a couple separated by their schools& the rivals xD
Waaah I really love this page <3
She looks so pretty and the tone is beautiful, gives this shoujo feel aaah