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Almighty King
Check out my sites, and
This is without a doubt Zelda 2.0 lol
@Guest: ikr XD
Those tits though lol
captain America 2.0?
oh I see, you were inspired by batman. She becomesa super hero to avenge her dead cat. Batman becomes a superhero to avenge his parents, and knightcal is actually inspired by night wing. Batman usually hides in the dark at nbight by gargoyles so does doomcloud. Doomcloud isn't just a superhero he's a master detective and so is doomcloud.
i was expecting an entire new episode......but either way nice.
shell shocked
shell shocked my god what power from the human wrecking ball. This reminded me of Ryback lol.
You still haven't continued? We're waiting what's next???
wtf? That's it? continue, what's gonna happen next.
@MoonByte: alright lol
you improved in chapter 2
really exotic.....but you have to work on the speech bubble letters....
why is the speech bubble over another one?
Looks good I just added this to my favorites. Keep up the good work.