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I hope Lon isn't too hurt by this experience...
I feel that Jason's betrayal is made even worse because he exudes the innocent, naive victim a lot - Lon will not see it coming at all.
Like if someone's a confident hot-mess a little part of you wouldn't be surprised they fell repeatedly into someone else's bed.

I think it's that aspect of Jason that I find most intriguing - he's like the unwilling hero (or anti-hero at this point). The way he presents himself is that he never WANTS to do things (sing, model, cheat etc.) but the roles are thrust upon him. Standard trope for 'hero responsibility', but interesting to see it for commonplace and/or morally ambiguous roles.

Interesting that one of his few moments of decisive control was in fucking Elijah just now, Elijah was holding back and it was Jason who chose to do it.

Definitely an interesting (albeit infuriating) character. I'd be interested to see how Jason's immoral/dark path leads him to a place of self-discovery, especially that of his control/agency in his own life. Maybe he ends up with neither Lon or Elijah, and the lesson was not 'who do I love more' but 'How do I love myself'.
As the goddess Ru Paul says - 'If you can't love yourself how in the hell are you gunna love somebody else?' AMEN
Appreciating Adela and Jason's double orgasm - the sign of a true friendship renewed
So much energy on the song pages, wonderful.

'Hipsters melt in the rain' <3