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Fluffles( -' u'-)
I like rock, metal, heavymetal Etc. I like sweets alot and alot of bl on Smackjeeves I am indeed a comic nerd and I play video games some days I am also shy and not too talkative or social. I draw alot aswell.
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Amazing o: Arco is quite the hottie cx
I know what it is like ;^; // Places hand on screen. // I know. ;A;
Oh my.. nyah my innocent eyes (-'/)(\'-)
Awies -' u '-
Oh and that's me. ;n; Creature and Maisy mixed together. Cuteness with sulk, dramatic mama ish me <3
Imma has pretty hair like Hyacinth and imma be gay and fab <3
Hehe that's me <w>
I swear I am like Maisy not genderless or a fish but a boy who likes to dress like a girl really like how I love to wear stockings and shorts with baggy jumpers hehehehe -' u '- cx
Awe </3 poor thing i know wat its like
Naws some of this gives me the blushies
So cute vuv and hey dont be so homophobic hiro ; -; just know that i am a fan of u hiro still even if im gay and youre homophobic ugh xD
Amazing i really am loving this comic <3
Gotta have fun doing some things y'know cx
Ooooh that bod <333333333
Ooh la la u like it black ? Eheheh
N'awws food fight xD
Awe. C: I think just start out fresh and then get this party on a roll. Cx
Oooooh cant wait
Boyfriend stuff yasss.~~ hehe ^-^
-Adds to favourites.- Amazing comic so far keep it up ^ -^