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I like many things such as anime, manga, video games, TV showed music and sports. Yada yada but sadly I've no talent for anything. So I have become a collector of knowledge. Hence my being here.
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August 21st, 2015
But if you were??
@H0lyhandgrenade: if you really were alone though. You'd have nothing to eavesdrop on! And it be a creepy world. Imagine. A world with no people. But there is always music playing. Creeepyy!!
Id take it. But my dog would chase it away. She's done that with the last 5 dogs we have had
I know I'm late but..
Why not goggles they can support themselves and you can tint then or make them clear.
Evil plan!!
That discrimination. I would have sat next to everyone that was making out and hugged let them say what they will. Eventually everyone would stop or they would give up.
Super late man!!
Happy New Years!!
I know that feel
I totally get you. My lil brother couldn't say my name when he was little. Since then my name is peepoo
I was just wondering!!
Three or four pages ago I was wondering what would happen if I ever happen to ask out a girl who turned out to be a lesbian. And no one will ever top your response!! Totally perfect!!