Hello everybody, I'm french and you can call me Anta'
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I'm a new fan hehe
I'm french !
Hi ! Am I the only one who is reading this comic once again (and again and again and again). Just to see every time, how they ended like this ?
Even with back we see that he's a man, V corpse, no? (Sorry french)
Really hard for me to see it ... sorry
But amazing art x)
A dream maybe ?
I always loved this comic ♡
Ajouté à mes favoris direct ♡
Okay, I think I'm in love with little anubis. I want one in my life, my cat is mean and doesn't speak ...
I'm french toooo
Hi I'm french excuse my mistakes
Who is Gawain for you, Felix ?! I want to know now, or ... I will bite you.
They have the same hair. Cute
Hiii I'm french excuse for my mistakes
Ooooh, why did he fall ? Do we know ?
May 21st, 2017
I swear if he barks I'm dying
I love shy people this is so cute
Hi I'm french sorry for mistakes
Okay, 3 possibilities :
1) Brand in human
2) Ruben
3) another person we dont know
Really cute
I don't know why but I feel bad for Sooch
Hi I'm french sorry for mistakes
everytime I go to the hairdresser they cut my hair really really short ... Everytime. Even if I just ask to trim the ends ...
Hi I'm french sorry for mistakes
I don't understand why he would visit Felix if he know that he is dangerous ! He tried to kill him first and then he attacked him ! So I don't understand what's happening in Micah's head ..