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I'm a new reader and I love love love your art. It's so nice <3 I'm excited for the next one! :)
@Soen Kai: Thank you so much for the help! I will try contacting them again.
Hi! I know that I should be directing this question to your publisher but they haven't answered for weeks :c and I'm just dying to have a copy of both volumes. By any chance, do you know how I will be able to track my package since I'm from Asia (Philippines) so I know it'll take a while for it to get here :c Thank you so much for making this comic happen, it's amazing! <3
I don't even know how I got here but I'm glad I did! I'm a new reader and omg, your art is amazing and the plot is great and also endearing. I love June and Aaron too <3
Will wait for the your next update! :)