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juhaihai not really sure if i would make a comic...just checking around ^__^
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best page!!! ^^ so cute!
i wonder where he went!!! how could he leave her!!! xD
kai is hotter!!!! XDDD

just making my stand *nod*
huh??!! what happened? i see blood O__O
September 17th, 2007
interesting!!!!! what they said the outfits are nice. Keep it up! +fav
squeee~ updates! YAY!!! hmmmm, wonder who shes gonna call O_O
squeee* i love your comics! i cant wait for the updates!!!
OMG!!! i love this...he looks ...HOT. *faints* *melts* *____* twinkly eyes.
lol...OMG the plot is really interesting! cant wait to see more! *instant fan
oh oh....this is going rEALLY good...O__O i love the plotline...very interesting .