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February 24th, 2009
Of course, go with, you'll be so inconspicuous on the bus in your tux Tim! Were you going to your prom? Was there a date, a date whose story we'll never see, who like you is now old and bitter?

Don't forget to pick up snacks for the bus kids!!!
January 16th, 2009
Great page, Tim reminds me just a pinch of Tom Hanks in Big!
hee hee!
November 28th, 2008
Great page!!!! Love the Stone Roses shirt
Totally old Campbell!
Great page, must say the 4th panel is very Campbell-esque (I approve) The whole thing is beuatiful as usual.
Show her a happy medium good time Sam! Do it, take her out and show her she can be both!
Wow this looks so good! love the backgrounds especially, great job!
Beautiful final panel, Michele's face is intense and fabulous and Andy's smile chills a little bit. They all look perfect.
He totally said "spit!"

Love and I mean LOVE the statues... however, why no skeleton hands? Dude that totally needs skeleton hands on the reaper!!!!!! Not a critique per se, but a plea for skeletal hands
I wish I could say that I never knew anyone in a situation like this one... those last three panels are scary good. I'd say terribly accurate even. After perusing the comments I feel an urge to argue that perhaps because we're experiencing the memories of these two that "stereotypes" are being used very well in exposing their shared childhood memories. As time passes and people reminisce, the details blur a little and the stereotypes are what's most often recollected, accurate or no. At least that's been my experience when it comes to actual children of the 80's :)
Beautifully done as always
Wonderful Windy Day
That last panel is beautiful, no one can take their eyes off it. Candy for the eyes, you are too good!
Lovely use of pointillism!
Graphic Gold!
This page offers so much, and is so perfect with the morose dialogue, enthralling!

Love the overhead perspective in panel 1, the reflection is genius, the silhouette quite moving.
Great expression and Love the eye patch!
Another beautiful combination, the darkenned outlines really make Tim and Ellis the focus. Great job on the little touches that make the rest of the page feel filled with hectic bustle. The details on the bike are my favorite, very nice touch!
I hope we see more of Mr. Nicholas the assitant, reminds me of Owen Burnett (sigh)however unintentional.
Snazzy page, I totally agree with TTotes, the 6th gives an excellent expression, apology destroyed as deemed unnecessary. This is a fantastic piece; I hope you're both bursting with pride. I hope we find out soon what she means by her 4th panel comment... VERY EXCITING!!!
That's fantastic!