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Hey guys, My name is Shadow! But you can call me by my other names, Loki or Vixen. I'm an artist and writer, and love to sing and read. I'm hoping to start up a few comics, some that will be original, and some that will be fandom oriented. I hope that you enjoy what ever content i give!
I am dead
This page killed me. it is two cute. Good job. XD
internal screaming.
This comic is too adorable XD JUst Ellis' face haha in that last panel hahahah
I can't wait!! I love this comic to bits!
you're going to kill me with all this cuteness. XD
Poor Chip is so confused! XD i love it! XD
I'm SO excited for this!! Can't wait for the first page!
xD Louie's face! hahahahahahahaa
Hahaha I love those two! They are sooo adorable! XD
XD Too cute. TOO CUTE. I love this comic too much. LOL. I LOVE your art style sooo much. can't wait for the next update~!
XD So adorable. The more I read the more I love Chip. He is TOO Adorable. I just want to steal him!
I love you Chip! XD
YAY! YOU'RE BACK!*glomps* Omg this page. XD Loved it! I'm happy that you're back ad don't worry about the wait because this comic is worth it!
LOL Love the comic! Please upload soon k?
I just started this comic like 20 minutes ago. I LOVE IT. Can't wait till the next page.
I really like this comic. its very interesting. glad I clicked it.
dat face tho
I love this comic its so CUTE!
Hahahaha poor senpai he is so nervous. XD
I cant help but love this. XD
Wtf am I readiing. XD