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I so missed the blue folk.
November 12th, 2015
He's Sparkly!
Is that a razorback spider? Can I keep him? . . .for my avatar? . .it's Halloween month after all!
He's on a roll!
+ 1
September 15th, 2015
Makes for a convenient sleep-over then. . .WTF 8-9
Congratulations Alecshar . . .you're officially free!
I'm just trying to figure out that left wall. Is that a piece of yarn taped on two ends to a poster?

Also, that carpet looked a lot worse before I cleaned my screen.
Wow, that last panel in gorgeous.
This looks so good. Congrats!
Roy C - "Shotgun Wedding", Cilla Black - "Don't Answer Me", The Mindbenders - "A Groovy Kind Of Love", Rolling Stone - "Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown"
How did I miss this?

Kinda like that bold statement in the center panel.
20 minutes is an eternity. . .I told you this would be messy.
June 20th, 2015
I vote for keeping the cute going.
@Alecshar: and that's one of the things that makes your art unique and engaging. It's obviously a labor of love.
Blue Man Alert!!!

Also: "No reason" . . .phhhhhht.
I don't see the mess, but then I've always liked your drawings. . . Plus, you left a little blue man in the second panel :)
@Alexander: ^^^^^ditto this^^^^^
I was thinking fox, but ok :)