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I am very wiered. I have a very wiered sense of humour (I'll laugh at anything) so you might not like some of the comics.
Sounds interesting...
I'm also glad I'm not the only one who uses MS Paint for my comics. YAY!
Whoo-hoo! MS Paint!

Together we can rule the world with out MS paint strips!
Yay! *claps*

I found that pretty funny.
Is the movie fantasia? Just guessing.

I agree, Sophie is so cute in the hat.
Kitty theif! She's like my 2 cats.
Heh. Love how Sophie is suggesting that she has another cupcake.

I think the icing is catnip.
I think it is spelt cuter, but mind you, I once got 3 out of 10 in a year 7 spelling test. And I'm in year 9.
By the looks of things Sophie has an obsession with nuclear war heads...
XD. That one made me laugh, the kitty is just like me in that one.
So funny how she wants to open it with a gun.

I never thought I'd see a cat with a gun.
Yay! First comment!

This comic is so beautifully drawn. I can't draw hair like that...
More... must read more... I love this comic!
It's kind of cute when Liana's Mum comes in to take photos.
Ooh... tenseness... I'm putting this on my faves...
Yay! It's now in colour! You are an ARTIST! An amazing ARTIST!
The artwork is so cool! I can never draw like that...
Uh-oh... Can't wait to see what happens next,
Like it! How do you get the buttons (eg. previous, first comic) like that?
They look so funny in those superhero suits...
You should never trust a kittys mind...