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Well alrighty then.
Yeeeeaaaah, baby! Get it!
Those eyebrows alone got me.
OMG, Aiden's eyeballs! Bwuahahahahaha!
Always be careful though, when using someone's butt as a pillow...
I'm happy you're doing both. Now I can throw tips at you if you activate the tipping for Avialae!
January 31st, 2017
Okay first, I really enjoy this comic, but...

Whenever I see the comment about how it's "warm and tight," in BL comics I always want to be like...

"What did you expect it to be? A cold cavernous hallway you can throw a hot dog down the middle of?!"

Sorry, please excuse my outburst and continue making this wonderful comic!
@Naruhina2124: Hahaha!
December 2nd, 2016
Seriously?! Aiden's worried Jamie won't be interested? Have you not been paying attention boy?
No matter how good the pages with the deep dicking were, this is a page worth looking forward to.

This page is a page I read this comic for.
Sad. Don't do this if either of you have to pretend it's Nate.
Jesus, that boy can not get a break with all the people wanting to get down his pants.
Just found this comic today. Amazing art!
This is HOT on soooo many levels.
@Lucid: Is this the one you're referring to?
It's a trap! Don't fall for it!
That last panel has me a little worried. He looks like he has panic in his eyes, and might be turning into one of those things you don't back into a corner.