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Yes, Nick, tell us about that person you like!
Whatever, Nick, you're both baby-faced. :P
"Things are the best!"
That seems ominous.
I am apprehensive about this...
That's not a red flag or anything, right there.
Great, what is this prissy boy up to?
@QueenOfTheWolves: It's from a screenshot of Natsuno and Toru from the anime, Shiki.
Well, this shit just breaks my heart.
"Somehow I doubt that."

As much as it warms my heart to see these two get it on, that comment right there would have ended the night if it was me.
@Auldr: Oooohhh, good question.
Is someone upset because they aren't being paid attention to?
For Fuck's sake, something always seems to get in the way.
Kylee has his pinky out. It's because he's classy, right?
What a great update to find on my bday!
@Giogio Georgette: I was thinking more about how they're going to get each other in trouble.
I see them causing so much trouble for each other in the future, even if they are cute together.
December 27th, 2017
Loving the new cover!