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@Jungkookie: I believe it's referring to the boys love style story involving Alpha/Beta/Omega roles.
Dude, not cool.
Ya can't be mad at him for the secret you're keeping!
Oh no! Someone's an angry young man and not religious! Let's immediately turn on them! Next, you'll probably want to burn them as a witch!

I mean, sure, he probably is a changeling, but still, jeez guys, ask some questions first.
Hey, it kind of looks like shit got blown up. Is that what I'm seeing? ;p
Who's daydreaming these shenanigans?
@TheMentalGlitch: But, we can't have that. This comic is good, and I need to see where the story goes. No shooting the wrong people!
@TheMentalGlitch: Whoopsie daisie, shot the wrong guy, comics over, you can all go home now.
If I was just going by shadows and hairstyles, it looks like Soso just took out Aiden.
Who's dream/imagination is this?
Yes, reach for the Pokeball!
Dear gods, I hope it's not Chuck E. Cheeses. That place is awful for any parent/guardian to have to put up with.
@deuteragonist: This totally made me laugh.
@deuteragonist: horrible, even?
Oh goody, one of those.
Wow, your art is fantastic, but the coloring on this page really makes it pop.
I feel like you just jinxed it there buddy.
You need to do what is good for you.
I think most people will be happy as long as you're updating.
I will say that I prefer you update on a schedule. I see a lot of artists dump a bunch of pages, but then run out, leaving a hiatus as they try to have pages enough to post again.
As much as most fans understand the need for hiatus sometimes, no one likes a hiatus.
What a nice little teaser.