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Dear gods, I hope it's not Chuck E. Cheeses. That place is awful for any parent/guardian to have to put up with.
@deuteragonist: This totally made me laugh.
@deuteragonist: horrible, even?
Oh goody, one of those.
Wow, your art is fantastic, but the coloring on this page really makes it pop.
I feel like you just jinxed it there buddy.
You need to do what is good for you.
I think most people will be happy as long as you're updating.
I will say that I prefer you update on a schedule. I see a lot of artists dump a bunch of pages, but then run out, leaving a hiatus as they try to have pages enough to post again.
As much as most fans understand the need for hiatus sometimes, no one likes a hiatus.
What a nice little teaser.
Yes, Nick, tell us about that person you like!
Whatever, Nick, you're both baby-faced. :P
"Things are the best!"
That seems ominous.
I am apprehensive about this...
That's not a red flag or anything, right there.
Great, what is this prissy boy up to?
@QueenOfTheWolves: It's from a screenshot of Natsuno and Toru from the anime, Shiki.
Well, this shit just breaks my heart.