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What a great update to find on my bday!
@Giogio Georgette: I was thinking more about how they're going to get each other in trouble.
I see them causing so much trouble for each other in the future, even if they are cute together.
December 27th, 2017
Loving the new cover!
Felisneon may be caught, but someone doesn't look happy about it.
This seems uncomfortable.
Kenneth's eyes in that last panel. Fantastic how you portray his "uhn uh, none of that shit" look.
Haha, Kylee looks like he's more interested in making Kimrick uncomfortable than getting to kiss him.
How romantic of you Harvey, lol. Gods help us, these pages are hot Hot HOT!
::: fans self :::
Poor Harvey, he just looks so uncomfortable.
Well alrighty then.
Yeeeeaaaah, baby! Get it!
Those eyebrows alone got me.
OMG, Aiden's eyeballs! Bwuahahahahaha!
Always be careful though, when using someone's butt as a pillow...
I'm happy you're doing both. Now I can throw tips at you if you activate the tipping for Avialae!
January 31st, 2017
Okay first, I really enjoy this comic, but...

Whenever I see the comment about how it's "warm and tight," in BL comics I always want to be like...

"What did you expect it to be? A cold cavernous hallway you can throw a hot dog down the middle of?!"

Sorry, please excuse my outburst and continue making this wonderful comic!
@Naruhina2124: Hahaha!