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28 years old, Boston born and drawing all day and night.
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    Kep Trefler
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I'd apologize for how long it took me to get this page up but no one comes for that. I am sorry though.
February 10th, 2017
This was one of those pages that I had a love-hate relationship with the whole time. I ended up hating it in the end but that's what semi-secret projects are for, semi-secret editing later. But the show must go one. And I'm already spending too much time one each page of this and The Red Thread of Fate as it is. Comics are about moving forward...Or something,

I'll see you again soon.

Temp note: I also just saw a small art error that I'll fix in the morning. So, if you see that now-I'm sorry.
January 17th, 2017
This page took forever. You'd think a single panel page wouldn't take more time then a multi-paneled one but it did.
There are still details I want to add onto this page but sometimes the more important thing is to post a page, get onto the next one and shamefully add those details back in at some secret undisclosed time...Especially since I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who will notice them.

I already hate that helicopter...(dies)
As always I still want to work on the painting on this page but I'm trying to not hold onto pages any longer then 8 days. I really want to be finishing a new page in 7 days or less! That's the minimal goal for the end of the chapter when I plan to start sharing updates over any social media.

It only takes maybe eight to ten hours to make a page but I just want every page to look perfect so I sit on them forever, tweaking things for days.

And that's no good.
The fact that this page looks good and the last one needs work still as of a week later is killing me softly. I promise they won't all be like "doctor" this "doctor" that too much. It's just important you know who is and isn't a medical professional here.

Because no one is wearing lab coats.
The painting on page needs some work but it can't sit on my hard drive any more either. So if you see it change over time, that's...Because it probably HAS changed.
Establishing characters is always interesting...Griffin is one of the main characters in the story but I'm not sure he's traditionally likable...At all...His people skills are not that great, as seen here by him repeatedly screaming at Wicker to shut up. This crankiness has a purpose but...You all can tell me if it works out years from now when this story is done...

I like cranky characters but you know...They're...Risky. But oh well, onto the next page!
It's been a month....Let's all pray my tablet doesn't die again for a long, long, longlonglong time....Okay?

Obligatory music nod: "Courtesy Call" is the name of a song by Thousand Foot Krutch.

But also the name is a reference to the fact that, at least in the USA you get a courtesy on behalf of your doctor reminding you that you have an imminent doctor's appointment that you need t show up for...

Which is incredibly useful.
Griffin is kind of...Melodramatic. But then again, so am I...Kind of...

Obligatory music nod: Griffin's line of "I breathe disaster" refers to a line in the song "Ever After" by Marinas Trench which is one of the songs I use to kind of "get" him. The full line is:"And I breathe disaster, ever after. Don't pull away from me now."

This chapter was originally very different. Maybe some people remember the first few pages I had up before of "Little Girl Lost" which is a chapter about Alice that I moved to a later point.

But this is a better fit for the true start of the story anyway so maybe that's for the best. Years from now we'll know if was or not...BUT UNTIL THEN-AHAHAHA...

If you see slight changes to this page over the next few days, that's because I'm still adjusting things. It's...A process.

On that note: I didn't forget the play button icon on the voice recorder in "After the Storm: Part 1." It's intentionally missing. You'll see why later.
Welcome to The Red Thread of Fate.
This page doesn't look as good as I'd like. But that's beginnings for you.

Did you figure out what is wrong with poor Aven yet? I have literally pointed at the biggest spoiler 200 times...Not 200...Maybe only 10.

Well, you'll find out soon enough.
I cranked this out the same night as the last page during the stream. My hope is to keep getting these out as soon as possible to GET PAST THIS PARTY.
Trying out a bunch of new things this week. I've created a website where you can go look at illustration work as well as watch a live-stream of me working.

Feel free to stop by the stream anytime! I wish I were always online but I'll be there as often as I can...Listening to emo-music and creating art/comics.

See you there!
Actually it is.
I almost died in June 2013 from an illness. It has TAKEN a very long time to get well again and get to a point where I had the tools to make comics again.

Forgive me!

Poor Aven :(

There are a few edits I want to make to the page, but they can wait a little bit.

The comic has been and will continue to be on pause as I recover from a pretty severe illness. Feel free to check the Twitter feed on the front page for any updates, and I'll be back as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!