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@Shard: I do have one, yeah! I noticed you have yours on your profile, so I can add you when I get home, if that's alright with you--
@Shard: Yeah it really has!! I've been alright, I hope you've been doing good, too! Jeez it's been like what, 6 years or so?

Also I guess this isn't the best place to have a full conversation is it haha;
*dusts, uh, dust off of this old account*

I'm not sure if you remember me much, and admittedly I don't really know what's going on in the plot, but-- it's cool to see you're still doing sprite comics with all your characters, haha. I can't even remember what point I was last at when I checked up on this comic :v guess I should reread everything... Eventually...

Don't die from overwork with all those unique sprites you need to make!

I had no time at all last week to make one for last week's question, unfortunately. And this one's on the short side but eh
First Comic- About Time!
Jeez, I've been meaning to push this out sooner, but I've been suffering school related delays. To be frank, this was last week's comic, but I had to edit it because I had no time to upload it!

Anyways, this is my first comic in a long time, so don't judge to harshly, haha.

(And yes I know, Darkness is a horrible name. So call him Darkie)
I have a question for Dragonthing.

Would you tap that Pikachu.
She lives in a Minecraft plains biome

No wonder she's so upset


This is something I'm interested in- even though I haven't made a comic in a while. Though, this sort of thing isn't even as high maintenance as a regular comic can be to make...
Oh yeah. Deeeefinetally just to show her the ropes.
Hee hee hee.
Those helmets looks familiar...
Crescent Moon
August 28th, 2011
I don't suppose psychic attacks of any kind would be able to be used against Periodic without him using any sorts of elements to defend, or am I wrong...?
Crescent Moon
August 24th, 2011
Wow... I'm glad to see this still going.

Although I figured it finished by now, haha.
>Abyss: Dropkick Ray and claim ownership to this comic.
Stop being "am" Ace fangirl

Typos, Niv? eve
>???: Go to and check on latest MUTE.
>Rosetta: Form a party with robot and chili pepper and go bother your cranky neighbor on the iceburg nearby.