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Hello, I am an artist who is Dabbling in the Comic world. I'm making stories for my own selfish, narcissistic reasons. If you enjoy my work, that's just a bonus. You should totally check out my artwork, though on my art sites. You can find me as Uluri on: DeviantARt, FurAffinity, and Weasyl.

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Probably should have made this before I started the chapter, but I got some chapter art now. (And a Chapter Title, too). You can check out the image in full here:
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It was a mistake! You made a mistake Tc! Your life will forever be constantly haunted by such an energetic person now. forever and ever. You've brought upon your own personal hell.

I hope everyone's doing well. It's been a pretty quiet two weeks for me since I posted the last page. Welp, besides the Blizzard that hit everyone around me except for me. Got like 4 inches of snow while everyone else got 3 feet!
So, I kinda played with some shading on this page. <.<"""

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Oh. A Goodie Two Shoes Haru is. He loves plants and nature so much that he's bold enough to confront a random stranger he meets in the middle of a forest. (But he's my precious. I love Haru so much.)

I Hope everyone had a Nice New Years.

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Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you all enjoy your day and have fun. The MMO Gang is Celebrating, too. The Holiday Season is upon us, and Present are to be found under the tree.Colorful boxes filled with wonderful goodies- AND THEIR ALL MINE!!!!

Author: Reji, you can't have all the presents. They aren't all for you!
Reji: They are now. It's my house so everything in it is mine as well.
Author: That's... Not how it works.

Tc: *eating Cookies* I'll stab anyone who tries to take my cookies. That old guy who broke in last night got what was coming to him.
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I don't know about you guys, But I always found enjoyment out of tearing leaves into smaller pieces. The leave gently floats down into the hands of a new character. This young boy is extremely kind hearted and loves plants.

Haru's Character info:

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I'm testing Comment. ignore me. XDDD
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We start our adventure relaxing in the trees wasting our grand time watching the sunlight flicker through the leaves. Introducing Tc, a hot tempered girl with no respect for the living.
Tc Character Info:

Artist's Comment: So, I didn't reach my desired 10 premade pages before starting to post this. -Sad Face- I was really hoping I could draw up the extra pages before New Years, but as it seems, that won't be happening. So, I started Early. This is a comic project that I wanted to start to let my own characters live their life how they want to. I guess, in other words, I'm making this comic selfishly for myself! XD If you all enjoy it, too, that's a bonus.

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I hope that Everyone Enjoys this little story.
This Comic is read from Left to Right.
Remember, if you're interested in checking out my artwork, you can find me on lots of different art sites as Uluri!

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@Areculus: Definitely The reactions. I had a lot of fun with this one.
This is probably my favorite page in the series.