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Swiggity swag, what's in the bag?

Crippling depression
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@SWSU-Master: I am incredibly happy with how they were used.

Seriously though, if you ever want to use Yessi or Nolaa again, you have full permission.
Uh, I said I wouldn't comment for the rest of the season, but thank you for accepting my characters for this season.

And uh...Yessi for returnee season, I guess? ^^;
I give this alliance one episode before it collapses.
Goodie. Another important piece of info regarding a character's backstory is exposited in one comic. Can't wait to see this lead to nothing.
My baby's growing up so fast :,)
Well, I guess I can't complain that ET's finally doing something. Glad that he has some relevance.

Also, Clarissa and Yessi ftw
I swear, if this somehow boosts the likelihood of Shin winning...
Can we stop treating Sagittaria like she's the good guy? Anyone remember when she fucking gaslit someone just over Immunity?

Uuuugh. I fucking hate her.
I have no words. I'm too frustrated to come up with any.
I can't see the rivalry ending this soon. I'm thinking we're losing someone else.
Ok yeah, Frysk is pretty good. Him beating the shit out of ET at the end was just the icing on the cake. Seeing him act beyond stoic is hilarious.
Nothing like an existential crisis while you're on Survivor.

Or should I say...

Extraterrestrial crisis? :^)
So...ET's parents are aliens? Or did his parents get assimilated and they're posing as them? Is ET himself an alien? Did ET's family have something to do with Atlas's memory loss?

Are we even real?
Definitely a fun challenge from the character angle.
Oh dear. I'm getting bad vibes here.
Nolaa is watching this and internally screaming.
No offense SWSU, but this season is terrible so far. I'm not having fun with it at all.
Well this is certainly a bit of a fustercluck.
Did Sagi just gaslight Yessi? If so, that's an oof.