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I'm a fan of Survivor, Total Drama, Pokemon, and many other things. I'm quiet and friendly, mostly anyway.
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Can we just have PiKadechu for the rest of the season?
Jeannie needs to do this more. It's great.
Well then. New tribes at the....not merge.
Ollie sucks but he makes me laugh. Help.
I feel bad for the pre-jurors. They gotta deal with this for a while.
Well, this is bittersweet. I liked Jahira, but it wasn't anyone I really liked. So, yeah.

Also, lol poor Jeff.
Ugh, I have no idea. This hurts my head.
Damn dude. Kade's really stirring things up.

Good thing he looks like an absolute goober with that hat.
This is why Raiza should not have the Ex Machina.
Oh dear. It seems Slash has come down with a case of Boot Flags.
Ah yes, gruesome homicide. A common event in otter behavior.
I can only imagine what these guys will end up talking about.
Well, at least Kade is showing a bit more to his personality.
Please never stop doing these old computer jokes with Ollie.
Phew. That went better than expected. Not gonna miss you, Tony.
Man, I don't know. It really looks like Jeannie.