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I think the most daunting part of waiting for the next season is wondering whether or not SWSU has sent out confirmation notes.
@Tsurasa: Well, I figured I'd miss someone. Such a long list of characters. I'll see if I can fix that.
@Sonofhades: You mean SFC17? You living in the future, mate?
Ok, here are the polls I was talking about. These polls are pretty large, just to warn you guys, but I thought these could be fun. These polls will have you voting on your favorite and least favorite SFC characters of all time, because why not? I'll post the results somewhere, possibly on my DA. So yeah, sorry if this seems weird and out of nowhere, but I thought this would be a neat little thing to do.

Favorites poll:

Least favorites poll:
Despite the obvious ending, this was a fun season. Probably in my top 5 honestly.

Now, onto character rankings.

20: Sierra-A wishy-washy mess of a competitor, what else can I say? She was nice at first, but quickly started to get annoying. She sucked at the game, and at growing a spine. The fact that Thorne has such a dumbass sister kinda makes me feel sorry for her.

19: Bonnie-Eh. Wasn’t as bad as the first two times, but still annoying. At least she left before the merge this time around.

18: Rosella-Whine, whine, whine. That’s all she did. I feel bad that Vinnie has such a crappy daughter.

17: Cassidy-Probably the only character this season I have no strong opinion on. She was there for two episodes, that’s about it. Not much else to say.

16: Clydia-Kinda hard to have an opinion on a character that was pretending to be someone else the whole time they were around. Nothing really to say.

15: Iyzebel-Again, not as bad this time, and I’m very happy she left early. She was alright, I guess.

14: Lake-He may have seen the error of his ways, but he was still unpleasant to watch. No one enjoys watching someone verbally abuse their daughter.

13: Scott-He was kinda cool, I guess. No real opinion. A bit egotistical, but had some fun moments.

12: Eli-He was…ok, I guess? Not as annoying as before, for sure.

11: Doris-Kinda boring, honestly. And easily the most obvious winner I’ve ever seen. Well, I mean, Taro was too, but it was against Dustin, so I didn’t mind.

10: Angelo-A louder and more vulgar version of Damon. That’s really all he was. Eh. At least he had some amusing moments.

9: Thorne-She was more enjoyable here than in SFC14, but she was still kind of an annoyance at times. Her relationship with Sierra was at least cute at times.

8: Brandi-Glad to see her play with a less paranoid playing style. If only this version of Brandi had lasted as long as the other one did.

7: Bradley-He was a fun guy to watch. Very cool and likeable.

6: Bowser-I’m so happy he came back. He’s much more enjoyable without Enter, for sure.

5: Tialayla-I was surprised by how much I liked her this season. Would’ve made a nice winner, in my opinion.

4: Vinnie-Great to see him back as an antagonistic force, even if he was a bit petty at times. Deserved the win more in my opinion.

3: Riley-Thought he would annoy me, but I really liked him. Had a cute dynamic with Tia and his game knowledge was amusing to hear.

2: Damon-God do I love this guy. Respectable, friendly, and a true bro.

1: Bowser Jr.-What a surprise this guy was. He was a really great competitor in my opinion. Smart and sneaky. Awesome character.

Also, I'm gonna have some polls up in a little bit. It's something that'll be fun, I think.
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Doriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis.
Doris wins. Woo. Let's just skip this and get to the finale, I'm already bored.
Oh Sierra. You're gonna get fucked so hard.

Doris is kidding herself if she thinks Sierra is back in contention. She's getting one vote, and that's it.

Congrats on the win Doris. Don't even bother trying to defend yourself. You're gonna win regardless.
@dat4yc: Sorry. I'm having a rough night, and this didn't help.
Hoping for Doris, more than likely gonna be Jr.
@Sonofhades: Keeping my fingers crossed for a Jr win. But Vinnie would be cool too.
Oh wow. Vinnie won.

Well...I can only hope Doris will leave, 'cause honestly, I really want Jr to win. But that likely won't happen.
The lack of Blue Shells and Bullet Bills is staggering.

Sorry Thorne, but your sister ain't winning shit.
I'd argue it *is* impossible for Sierra to win. She has one secure vote coming from Thorne, but that's it. She loses in every scenario, no question.

That being said, I hope Jr gets immunity. He's really the only character at this point I'm rooting for. I mean, Vinnie winning would be cool, but I don't think that'll happen.
And now I care about no one left in the game. Rest in spaghetti Riley/Kopeii.
I shall prepare the funeral service.
Well, guess I was wrong. Not that I'm surprised.

But yeah, Riley's fucked.