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I'm a fan of Survivor, Total Drama, Pokemon, and many other things. I'm quiet and friendly, mostly anyway.
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I really have no idea who'll be going. It seems Naomi and Lester are equally likely, but we'll see.
I'm sorry, I can't not read Mele's lines in Angie's voice.

Also, Amadeus is gonna flip shit when he finds out what happened to his sla-I mean Pikmin.
Well that was fun. But the best tribe lost, and Lester has an idol. So...shit.
Mele certainly is...cheerful.

Derek man, what're you doing? Don't be a douche. You were so ok up till now!
I really hope you don't regret doing this, Naomi.
Well...I didn't expect that. They're playing with a literal rat.
Oh my gosh.

I joked about it, but it was the truth the whole time?

That's...kinda awesome.
Amadeus is still a douche.

Cutie, please don't. FNaF needs to just be left to the sands of time.
Called it bitches! Suck my ass!


Anyway, I knew Amadeus wouldn't leave this soon. It just seemed way too obvious. I'm conflicted about how I was right, though. Having to deal with Captain Shortbus for a little while longer is going to get really annoying.
Amadeus you fuck. What are you doing?

Also, Charity being the lowkey manipulator of the tribe is nifty. Perhaps she can get far if no one catches on.
Oh Lester. This is gonna be rough for you if this keeps up.
Heh, losers.

I get the feeling Amadeus won't be leaving this time, but I really hope I'm wrong.
Well then. That came out of nowhere.

I love Jeanie, btw.
Well, this was quite fun. Koko will not have a good time with Ollie around, for sure.
Tony took the words out of my mouth. Amadeus is such a dickhead.
Quickscope is pathetic. I love it.
Jeannie is a delight. Also, I knew there had to be a Lester the Unlikely joke this season. Glad to see it happen.
Why're you keeping the best tribe from us SWSU?

Well, these guys seem pretty stable. For now at least. Though how long until Amadeus throws off the whole dynamic?