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Swiggity swag, what's in the bag?

Crippling depression
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I feel like this would be what Quickscope would do if he was given the power of a god.
Oof. Poor Claire. Guess that's what trying to be nice does for you.
Clarissa's being awfully polite to Atlas. Interesting. Maybe she isn't a complete bitch.
Oh dear. Deimos, you just tattooed a giant target onto your back for everyone to see.
Two bonds form on this day.

One between two thugs, the other between two emotionless planks of wood.
Huh. Well now I'm extra curious about how Sprinkles became Lady Bit.

Sprinkles was fun while she lasted, but this was a good place for her to go. She would've gotten really annoying if she lasted much longer.
Gonna be honest, I'm not sure what'll happen now.
Ernest is such a nice guy.
Fun first challenge.
Gonna be honest, I didn't think about that myself. Glad that they brought it up.
Something tells me Kitsunie and Amelia would get along really well together.
Lady Bit can be calm and not a freak?

Wow. Am shook.
The more Sprinkles talks, the more I'm imagining April May in my head.

And that's not a good sign.
Can't wait for Atlas to make the swap and end up on P. Body, and then make the merge and end up on the merge tribe with a different name.
Kitsunie doesn't respect personal space much, does he?
Yep. Getting along just as I predicted.
The most normal people on that tribe joined together.

They're gonna have a terrible time.
I think these guys are gonna get along just fine

Well, now they know not to challenge the malignant AI in charge of this entire place.