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I'm a fan of Survivor, Total Drama, Pokemon, and many other things. I'm quiet and friendly, mostly anyway.
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@Niftyness: Guzma should show up and take the place of another competitor.
@Smasher 101: Hyrule's totally gonna be SFC18's location.
Alright, time for a more positive comment.

Alola is a perfect location for Survivor, so I'm really excited. Lowkey hoping for Team Skull to show up at some point just to mess with everyone.

The Leader tribe will probably be the one to have the most chaos. Putting five leaders in one team won't be good.

The Follower tribe is the one that I'm most curious about. I'm sure at least one of them will turn out to be a major antagonist in the season.

The Beast tribe will be my least favorite I think. Most physical threats are usually pretty boring/annoying, but I might be surprised.

The Eccentric tribe will be the entertaining tribe. And they've apparently got Elvis on their team.

I can only imagine how long it must've taken to make that TC area. It looks really detailed.
@SWSU-Master: Trying fighting the final Ursula boss in KH1 and come back to me. See how much joy you have left.
Kinda hard to express joy after getting pissed off at a game to the point of nearly snapping the controller in half, but yay.
@SWSU-Master: Darn. Didn't get in.

Eh, always next season I suppose.
@Tailslover13: Well thanks ^^

Just don't jinx anything >.>
@Tailslover13: Don't worry, this isn't EA. We won't disappoint everyone with loot boxes and microtransactions.
@Blastoise_FTW: Shall we go past it then?
@Tailslover13: Yeah, I can come up with a few myself, but we shall see what happens when the season gets here.
@Tailslover13: I'll admit, I don't hate SFC7 like most people do, even though Corsona was insufferable besides Wrecker, Vent, and Quadratic.

But yes, SFC17 will be fun. And if the SFC16 notes are any indication, we might be seeing it take place in another game location. Any ideas what it could be?
@Tailslover13: Yep. And I can't wait to see what next season gives us.
@Tailslover13: Absolutely. They've given us some of the best characters in the series. Damon specifically. Damon is life.
@Tailslover13: Same here. SWSU's been on a roll for the past few seasons, so this should be good.
@Tailslover13: Agreed. A larger cast usually means more dynamics.
@Tailslover13: I'm going to assume it's a regular season, and if there was going to be another Fans vs. Canons season, it'll probably be sometime after we hit SFC20.

As for the number of contestants, I'd like to think 20 (totally not because it raises the chances of my character being in if the cast hasn't been selected already), but it could be smaller.
@Tailslover13: Well that's a lie, because I do. Even though we don't interact much, you're a pretty cool guy.
@Tailslover13: I see. I'm really sorry to hear all that. But hey, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always open.

And you've got everyone here too.
@Tailslover13: I've been doing alright I suppose. Just kinda getting by. You?