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Hmmm...I kinda feel like this and the last comic are setting up Vinnie for a fall soon.

Maybe not this round.

Maybe not the next.

But soon.
Bleh. Whatever. I can't be bothered to react. All of these people are idiots.
Damn, that's a bit disappointing. Brandi was a really likable character this season, so it sucks seeing her go this early in the merge.

Also, Thorne, don't even pretend to like your sister. It's obvious you don't.
@dat4yc: Let's hope it'll be Sierra.
Shut the fuck up Sierra. Vote with your sister, or don't. It REALLY shouldn't be that hard.
Oh Brad. Poor guy's never going to be able to see a cake again without feeling sick.

And honestly Sierra, if you weren't such a dolt, maybe you find yourself in a situation like this. You have no one to blame but yourself.
Oh Damon. You're far too trusting.
I wonder if a phobia of puns is actually a thing. Lemme see...

Ok, I guess it is. Paronomasiaphobia it's called.
YES! Luigi's Mansion challenge! That was pretty great.
@Misterjakester: And Tia isn't obsessed with food.
Do I smell boot flags?

Really though, this is pretty cute.
That as pretty nice, all things considered. Hopefully Brandi can teach Sierra to stop being a moron.
Wow. Even when Sierra's being a whiny cunt, she still manages to be wishy-washy. Pathetic. Seriously hope she goes next.
Bowser Jr. is a pretty smart kid. Bowser would be proud.

And so long Angelo. You really won't be missed.
@Guest: You may think she doesn't deserve it, but I think her actions speak enough about why she deserves to be chastised. The way she's playing this is pathetic, her refusal to pick a side is irritating, and her loyalty to her sister, who will never see a day out of prison mind you, is bewildering.

It's fine if you like her, I'm not saying you can't, but please understand why the rest of us don't. We don't like wishy-washy characters, just deal with it.