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Hey! I wanted to add that I enjoy your nuzlocke comic (and Judgement which is discontinued;;) the most storytelling-wise (and I read MANY nuzlockes) and I can't think of another comic that kept entertaining me through and through like this on my first time reading through it. Also I think storytelling > art. Not that I don't like your art, it is good, it got better and even before it had tons of charm with the sprite-y backgrounds and all.
ahh we're still here! it's so weird i dreamed about you drawing the alolan rattata and raticate and posting it here and i couldn't say if the dream was true or not rn so i checked here haha
Ohhh this is interesting! I like the idea of humans and Pokémon finding another passion than fighting. (Also Vang would be good in a trainerless run.)
i really think now that your version of sabrina is one of my favorite gym leader versions in nuzlockes
The Normal type gym leaders are really great! Aloe is also the German name of Lenora.

And this page is so cute. I wonder if Vang's parents told him to always choose love or something cheesy (but cute) like that.
I beat Red in Gold with a Typhlosion sooo... At least five of his Pokemon. I think my other five Pokemon barely beat his sixth Pokemon.
The losses thingy is on 0 deaths? Is that a mistake ooor...?
i'm kinda sad that i'm up to date now. i'm really enjoying your comic. maybe i'll reread it after a few weeks or months x)
aww i'm so glad that you made it to the votings, i nominated you in some categories (in this as well haha). i voted for you!
Oh, then I apologize, I understood something wrong here haha. I'm relieved, I should have known that someone as good as you in storytelling wouldn't do something like that.
Huh? Still two losses?

As much as I liked Brock's "sacrifice" in the last page, I don't like it how he survived here. He didn't have to die but you could have had an better explanation, maybe with a flashback. That kind of ruined the last page for me. :/ (But it is nice to see Wally!)
Poor Brock, I didn't expect something like this. The writing of his death was really good here, I appreciate that (And it's so cute that Sabrina holds Gary's arm! Is it weird that I ship them?) The part between Vang and Zack was also really good. I don't like it in many Nuzlockes when two Pokémon are arguing because it's often very badly written but you did good here. I also liked his reaction about Zea's death, it wasn't exxagerated.

As for the nominations, I nominated your Nuzlocke for Best Pokémon (Vang), Best Rival (Gary), Best Plot and Best Overall Nuzlocke (I think it's called), you deserve it. <3 Your Nuzlocke is one of my favorites and one of the few that entertains me the most.
Congrats on 200 pages! And whaaat, Erika is evil? I wouldn't have guessed it myself. Also I wanted to say how entertaining this Nuzlocke is. Your storytelling abilities are one of the best compared to other Nuzlockes and I've read around 20 I think.
you got me there xD for a second i thought that vang really died. the pg thing is clever as well. at first i thought "just a costume kinda lame" but then... woah! pg is a really old dude xD also i feel kinda bad for jirachi, it sleeps thousand years only to be awake for 7 days.
aw this is so cute of you. :)
Is it wrong that I think that Zoroark looks hot in his human form? >//< Great update tho!
Nuuuh, that's going to be sad... :(
Oh, Gary is called a lover boy. *blushes*
Maybe Janine, Koga's daughter? I've thought about shipping Gary with her if I'd do a Kanto Nuzlocke.
Your version of Gary Oak is definetly my favorite. I like Doug too and their friendship is really inspiring.