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i like anime,manga,chickens and cartoons

i'm also maybe obsessed with Howl's Moving Castle.
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@Hero of Comedy: yes.yes they can. that's called having morals
excuse but i need this shirt because NO-ONE ever immediately knows what I mean when i tell them I'm pan...
are you f***ing kidding me danilo ,do I need to throw a mirror at you or something?
i'm just waiting for Warren to randomly yell:HA!GAYYY!
Who let The bees out?!
*bzzzz* *bzzzz*
the irony is strong with this page.
look, the exact moment when i ship them <3
hooray for big warm sweaters!
Derryl was just doing research ;P
this relationship is going slightly abusive...
I was gone for ONE week, and when I came back I immediately rushed to our chickens because ohmygodimissedtheeem...
so close, yet so far...
or maybe lack of understanding women...
@ninjaxxxrecon: we're now nearing the final destination , fuckthatville, we request the passengers to leave the vehicle.
why do people wear helmets in Americe when they cycle? in my country We're all: fuck that, we do without.(except for the kids)
@Squirreltastic-Blue: i think the middle one. not sure...
she's still beautiful to me, so you've done a good job for Rain!
kick him in the ass or give hugs to jamie and oliver
burn baby burn