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Peach is back. :D
Look out for updates and new comics!
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Alright, I laughed. XD Who's with me!! Bad and wrong, okay.

ANYWAY. I really liked the effect you created with the graytones and the shattered glass effect in panel three, very dramatic, and Drake's facial expression is terrific. I also found it really awesome when Drake's eyes turned that funny muddy colour in the last panel, talk about ominous. :O The blurry gray effect on the second last panel, I'm not so partial to. Mainly because you also chose to utilize the heavy pen lines, and it gives it a messier look.

It's clear that a lot of thought was put into this. I'm glad we got to see this experiment, it's very insightful.

(I agree with dirtsa. Something probably ought to happen to Drake, just not now and probably not this way. XD Maybe just something slightly humiliating to take him down from his pedestal. Like a pie in the face. I can wish. ;D)
Wow...the cat modifications really suit Kara, for some reason! ^_^ Your characters continue to be awesome.
Wow! I can't believe I've never seen this before. Gorgeous use of line, and the story is simple and sweet - off to read your other work!
Wow! I haven't read this in a while, but the plot twists from Chapter 2 totally came out of left field (or at least, I was pretty surprised at every one of them). I'd better keep my eye on this.
In the process of checking out your other comics, too!
Nice toning! I like the way you handled Jen's monologue, very honest and straightforward. Can't wait to see what happens now!
What a tense beginning! I like your art, it's very sharp and clean.
Wicked style! The characters are so lively and emotive. The colouring is also very creative, and I like the coloured lines, those are hard to incorporate well. Faved!
No, not too many. I think they're appropriately informative, and kinda cool to read. Also, I love the narration you've put into these recent pages, really pulls the reader in.
Great comic - it's nice to see someone who can illustrate action scenes with confidence! The characters look good out of the arena as well, but scenes like this pack a lot of punch. Very cool.
More background! With playful bantering on top. Nice.
LOL, permanent dibs. Great comic! And that goes for the previous strips as well - you might not think it yourself, but I like the looks of your characters, they express themselves nicely. I'll be keeping watch.
Cute! Some of the scans are slightly grainy - otherwise, the story's pretty nifty. I like how clearly you've set up the premise of the comic, and the page layouts complement your storytelling nicely. Keep writing!
Just started reading. This is really cool! I love comics that have an engaging story to accompany their visuals. Your characters are intriguing, and watching Joan and Drake interact is a lot of fun. Will be looking out for future installments.
Lovely monotone shading, and the developed setting looks great. The Dverger(?) is super creepy. Looking forward to seeing more!
I love seeing the effort put into full-colour webcomics, and this is no exception. The storyline is clear and coherent, and the characters have great chemistry. Cool action scenes, too!
Just started reading the comic. The story is really cryptic right now, but the character interactions are well written and I look forward to seeing more.
Don't get too concerned about white space in backgrounds! It's great that you allow the reader to focus in on your characters, I think. It's a sort of restraint not everyone has.