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I created this just to edit my comments
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@Mopwop: the way niv talked she has a relatively minor amount of control but as we've seen this can be disrupted easily.
Well she does need to go back there eventually, so if all else fails she could just hunt down Damaru when she needs to go back.
even if that would be a horrible idea it might be the only way back since she has no control over where she ends up.
@Koren: I know, so many logs worth of fuel that I started building a cabin, but this? this is oil what does she expect me to build out of this?
edit: crude oil at that, the stuff isn't even safe to burn.
take your time it's better to get your desire and confidence back and do what you feel right doing than just try and force things for your fan base, because things turn out better when you want to do it.
prepare for combat but do NOT engage. it seems to be non hostile, see what is in the opposite direction
@Shard: your emotes only serve to make me more curious as to the answer.
@Shard: are Silverado and damaru deaf, or have they just not heard ket speak enough to recognize her voice?
I warned you, you two can't say that I didn't warn you.
@SuperScratchkat: Kirby you complete ignoramus, you total buffoon.
you two cameos may be exceedingly resilient but he is THE Doo you really should have listened.
@Frost The Wolf: I believe she keeps hers stored the same place Mario keeps his.
>no way an orb of any significance would be left unguarded be wary of your surroundings while you investigate the panel
@ForestFire: it's a toothless, round, key. Kinda unique I will admit but when he picked it up and just now that is how it was depicted and how Ulty described it.
>investigate the pillars a bit more there may be something of note.
Aaaand now, looking back on my comment I should have specified that Apa would not likely consider it, 'cause it just sorta looks like I'm being a prick there.
@To lazy.: Kamek is referred to as male in most instances of his appearance, the only times he isn't is generally bowser making fun of/berating him, Kammy Koopa however is female and might be who you're thinking of
FMA symbols on the gloves huh? I like it.
hit it with a medium fireball: face, back, or inside, doesn't really matter as it should go down soon.
@Extremmefan: who says he isn't the most drunk
@Light and Shadow: however when populated solely by a naturally occurring creature, or creatures, the cave whilst still appearing less jagged will normally have a rough appearing entrance and the main signs will be smell and droppings possibly remains depending on the creature so it is possible the center is a spiders nest exclusively while the others have alternate purposes.
@Player X: navi, the king from cdi, hotel Mario, heavy?, and rather vague but could be Mario.