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So....been a while, huh? I've been bouncing between writer's block, self-loathing, family stuff, and work being hell. But I still wanted to get something up to show that I haven't given up on this comic, so have a sketch of the team decorating Muten. Who is probably just wondering how much of it is edible.

I'm hoping to get the next actual page done within the next week or two. (It's actually been drawn and scanned since August, I said, writer's block.) Need work to calm down a bit so I have some energy back first. But I'm not dead! Huzzah!
I was going to advance the plot, but then this hit me and I just had to.

Phew, been a while. Work got busy, plus FFXIV Stormblood launched, plus....well, I'm a lazy bastard. Sorry for the wait to all three of you who read this.
The family that snarks together, sticks together.

Haven't had them all together since page five. Strange to look back and see how much my art's changed in two and a half years.....

Didn't realize until halfway through drawing the page that I was set to post Kaze meeting up with his mother and sister on Mother's Day. Serendipity, huh?
Decided to put in a few random extras to break up the scenery a bit. Somehow that resulted in a pink mohawked guy smoking in an alley outside a Pokemon Center. I dunno, roll with it, it's been a long week.

Up next: Guess who! Oh, and him too.
Fun fact; Serenity was my only non-dupe option on this route. She was also caught as a Ralts, but she evolved by the time she caught up with the rest of the team in levels, so I skipped a step.

I caught a Bronzor in the cave, but never used it.

Next stop: Hearthome City.
You know that one friend who's always asking if you're done eating that? That's pretty much Nibbles.

Bonus pic of Himiko's team:
It's easy to be defiant when someone's actively against you. Harder to maintain that in the face of indifference.

Wow, a hundred pages of this mess. Maybe someday it'll even go somewhere!

Also, I finally got around to adding a cover page. See it on Deviant Art here:
Ripley is just bored because she's not fighting anyone else today.

How will our intrepid hero respond?
He didn't become the head of a criminal empire by missing details.
Damn plot getting in the way of.....other....plot...elements......yeah, I dunno.

I could make up a story about why this page took so long, but instead I'm gonna blame my sister for getting me into Final Fantasy XIV. I'm even sitting in queue for a dungeon as I type this. (If you're on Cactuar US and see an Au Ra named Iyami Galvayra running around, wave!) Also work. But mostly FF.
And then she was never seen again.
Trying to get an idea of how Ripley would move and fight. Her wings make it a little odd trying to figure out where things go. Well, more practice needed, I suppose.
Lucy doesn't actually know anything about the holidays. But people are happy and that's enough for her.

Happy Holidays, folks!
I had way too much fun with her for a minor character who's never planned to return after this fight.

Kaze's got something on his mind. Wonder what it could be......

Coming up: Reunions! Revelations! Foreshadowing! Life, death, lunch! And hopefully in a reasonable amount of time, too. (Pfffft.....)
I'm sure it's nothing. People give ominous speeches and vanish into thin air all the time. At least around here they do.

Bonus! Have some fan art.
Team Kaze, by Mr-Dewd:
Cuties, by Wooled:
Birthday update! Well, my birthday, not Kaze's. Still.
Funnily enough, while I was starting to color this page, I saw Pokemon Generations episode 10, which is centered around Cheryl.
You shall not pass.

In-game, Jiminy ate two critical-hit Self-Destructs in the same battle. And then I forgot to switch him off the first Mira automatically healed him, he got sent out again, and ate two MORE Self-Destructs, and one of THOSE was a crit, too. The game was really determined to not let Jiminy through......

The last two panels are actually the top of the next page, but I.....kinda just wanted to get this over with. This also means the next page will be a little shorter.
And now it's time for the reason everyone hates wild Geodudes. (And Voltorbs, Koffings, and Pinecos, but they're not relevant here.)

Sorry it's been so long, work's been kicking my ass this month. Working retail going into the holiday season while severely short-staffed will do that. Hopefully things will settle down for a bit, but I can't promise anything.