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Dr.Warwilf, PhD
totally a human being.
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Not only is it a sex shop, but also a strip joint AND "restaurant". So there's that.
I wasn't ready
Man, I was not expecting a lots and lots of trains joke, gotta be honest
I 100% legitimately went to school with a guy named Drew Peacock. I laughed entirely too hard at this.
Uh, oops
@lazy-lil-king: #bless I almost died.
@Lucid: that a wizard people reference??? :D
Haha man. Nice touch with the actual A&P textbook!
I cannot believe that Darcy has become my favorite, but I seriously love that bitch. Jesus Christ.
Happy new years!
I love her new hair! Adorable!
Aw man
This is the most accurate description of Florida life I've ever seen.
little bros are the woooorrrssst. Yotsuba&! is turbo adorable, always brightens my mood if i'm feeling pooky. :D
Ugh Landon
Never change, you horrible ginger beast you. <3 Also, poor Jamie he has no idea what he signed up for LOL
This comic man. Tis truly a masterpiece. Bless you. <3
For real. I will never miss homework.
Dr.Warwilf, PhD
December 11th, 2015
I usually read on tapastic so I just noticed the "And Then" button and it made me lol
Scott is such a lovable douche <3 <3 <3
It's cool guys, I think he wants to be friends.
Uh.....oops? Poor Mike. He's trying.
<3 suddenly, pages! yay! <3
Like my dad always said, ya can't fix stupid. ;)
Page looks great though! <3