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hey, i'm chelsea. i'm currently writing a book that i want to get published someday. i've had a lot of ups and downs with school, friends, and family, but there's always some crazy or random or great thing that happens to keep me sane. plus i'm freaking scared of needles and other sharp objects that can cut into you. (but not shots at the doctor. i got over that years ago.) i'm also really scared of heights. (i'm vertically challenged, anyway.) ;D
*can't stop laughing*
Why did this page make me laugh? I'm so twisted... :/

Anyways. Please don't kill off Henry.
Does he have consumption? :(
Such an impatient little boy. X)
...I do like her hair though. ;)
I really love K'or's character design! ^^ (I hope I got the name right...)
this is really cool! I like your style of drawing. :D