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Hobbyist artist. Colorist for Floating On.
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October 15th, 2018
@Questwings: Thank you for your kind comment! We love telling this story and we're glad you enjoy it!
September 22nd, 2018
@MouseWithADinosaurTail: Thank you!
September 21st, 2018
Chapter title page!
September 16th, 2018
New chapter! And finally some land!
August 31st, 2018
Another wallpaper! More practice with CSP.
August 25th, 2018
@MoxMox: Thanks!
August 25th, 2018
@mrjacob77: Thank you! Though it's actually supposed to be some random hills. I left it in monochrome blue so it's understandably confusing.
August 18th, 2018
Note: This is not our official 100th page.

We have decided to switch over from Photoshop to Clip Studio Paint!
This page will be available as an HD download for $1+ Patrons over on our Patreon. To any $5+ Patrons seeing this on 8/19, there is another extra thing to see only on Patreon. Go check it out!
August 7th, 2018
Hey everybody!
We're going to take a brief break between chapters to get some things done. We will be posting fillers like usual during this time and we will be back on September 15th.
Thanks for reading!
July 28th, 2018
Run, Cat, Run!
July 20th, 2018
Language, Cat!
I wonder if we should set an age restriction on this comic now...
July 15th, 2018
Oh no!

Anyways, the process video for page 5-10 should be available for public around now. Head on over to our Patreon ( to take a look!

Maybe you'll want to see the next page early? It will be up on Sunday for $5 patrons! (Yes, we're that evil.)

Thanks for everybody's support!
June 28th, 2018
Floating on turned 2 years old on July 3rd!
June 24th, 2018
@TechnoPuff: Thank you!
April 26th, 2018
This is the last Q&A for now! Next chapter starts next week!

We'll probably have more Q&As in the future. You can continue to submit your questions using the Q&A form located in the about page. Please do not ask this type of question in the comments section.
April 25th, 2018
Title page!

Happy early mother's day! Go do something nice. Give her a call or something.
April 24th, 2018
We should be back to normal updates now!

I've gotta revamp the color palette now, so the colors may be a bit inconsistent. Hope you enjoy the new chapter anyways!

Also, it's just about finals time again for those of us still in school. Good luck to all of you!
April 19th, 2018
Hi everyone! Thanks again for all the questions and support!

The link to the Q&A question form will always be in the About Page which you can access in the navigation bar at the top of the page. We can't promise that we'll ever be able to answer all the questions, but we hope you enjoy anyways.

Also, don't ask me about this joke either.
April 12th, 2018
Windows has encountered a problem.

So yeah, both of us will have to troubleshoot this problem, or else wait for an update to either Photoshop or Windows. We'll be okay for the time being since we're just doing the Q&A, but we'll have to figure something out when chapter 5 starts.

In other news, AspEv has stopped being lazy and has made an actual font to use instead of handwriting everything. I guess that means that we can be even lazier now. The text will be a bit more uniform now, but hopefully it still looks natural. It's definitely better than just using Times New Roman for everything.

Also, we've received so many questions! Thank you for your submissions! Unfortunately, we won't be able to answer all of them during this Q&A because of the total volume. Some may also have to be bypassed because of spoilers and/or other reasons.

Thank you for sticking with us!
@Dark/Light: It's alright. There is a Google form you can fill out using the link in the Author Comments section on the left. You could also go to the about page at the top and find the link there. Thank you for your comment though!