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Late comment, but Claire and Clarissa make for a funny duo. I guess you can be your own worst enemy sometimes!
In this episode, Kasai violently beat his head with a coconut, then sung a silly video game song. It's been a pretty good episode for him so far!
Hi! It's been a long time since I commented on this comic. I just want to say I'm still here reading it. The concept of past vs. future is a really bizarre idea for a Survivor story, but it's worked pretty well so far! I'd be interested to hear how you planned out in dealing with past/future versions of applicant characters.

Not too sure what to say about Deimos. He has a cool sprite, interesting backstory, but it felt like a decent chunk of his dialogue was about his regrets from the past. I guess that was the point though, because we saw what happens if he lets even a small piece of power through. Anyway, I want to see more of Claire and Clarissa's newly-formed truce next episode :)
haven't commented in a long time. hello again, sfc comments!

i'm not sad to see lake go, but he got a pretty good send-off here! from overconfidence and overplaying... to this. it sucks to have family relationship problems, and it's even worse to have them on survivor! though i'm glad to see brandi and her dad try to move forward and patch things up. also, brandi stayed, which is great :)

not sure what to expect next episode... the deer couple will probably be a hot target very soon.
bonnie sure has a thing for turning TC into ace attorney breakdown scenes, doesn't she? i expected this outcome, but i can't say it wasn't satisfying!

i wonder if bonnie could have played this season better? maybe lay off the "super nice girl" shtick, though i'm not sure what that would have been like. maybe she only knows how to play prescilla.

next episode... another survivor's resolve is questioned? no way is lake going to be a quitter, but he was the only one who seems like he'd fit the bill at the moment.
@dat4yc: yeah, that could've happened, but i just realized that he may have told bonnie in this very comic? bonnie's confessional may be out of order, in comic time.
brandi finally getting some joy out of this season :)

now i'm actually wondering if bonnie has something more planned for tribal council? the idol plan is all well and good, but this is bonnie. i wonder if she'll punch out thorne's other eye. in secret, of course!

EDIT: i wondered where bonnie heard about bradley's idol but i edited it out my comment. but now i got a reply to that question, so here i am, editing the question back in. oops!
@ChronoAlone: i just thought about it... can thorne watch survivor in prison? maybe thorne won't hear about sierra's secret furry fantasies after all.
hahaha what is this? i guess in a comic series that mixes humans and anthropomorphic animals, someone like sierra was bound to show up sooner or later.

i would have predicted riley (or kopeii) escapes from his ropes, beats someone up and gets ejected, as he tearfully transforms back to normal, and tialayla bemoans her bad luck once again, but an ejection literally just happened, so... kopeii will just mess with voting plans instead, and tia will still curse her luck. you know what, i hope kopeii likes tialayla!

it just seems too early for lake to just get voted out sitting on his hands like this.
"i'm such a doodle head" lol! that's worse than the time bonnie tried to be like... a weeaboo early on in sfc10. remember that one? EDIT: i found it

i wonder if thorne's going to go against bonnie this tribal? i mean, i wonder if she'd rather keep around brandi or bonnie? both have their pros and cons if you're thorne. bonnie seems like a better boot, but man, law enforcement! who likes em?

bradley might protect sarah simply because of her connection with doris, UNLESS sarah is exposed as bonnie, vinnie probably doesn't care for brandi... looks tough, but i think brandi can survive.
i said "awww" out loud when i saw the comic title. it's kind of a sad title!

anyway, angelo really comes off like kind of a jerk here, but it's weirdly hilarious in a dark way. he's got a thing for putting his foot in his mouth!

junior's gonna try his best, while doris tries to be his mom. but... she voted out his dad! that's no mama! not sure how that'll play out in the end.
wow, so damon and angelo would have been loyal allies? what could have been, man! you ruined a good thing, bowser! then again, it's not bowser unless he screws it all up, g-rated saturday morning cartoon style.

anyway, good to see that bowser jr will step out of his dad's shadow. no idea how he's gonna make it work... doris is good with taking care of kids, right?
catching up again... awww, this comic's cute with good vibes. quite the change of pace from the reward comic :)

if tia gets voted out, riley better hope somebody on the island has good knot tying skills.
@SWSU-Master: don't talk to the bear when he is outside the fourth wall *drifts away*
hahaha this is so dumb and random lol. but it's fitting to a trashy reality tv character, i guess! i totally called iyzebel beating up the other tribe. i was expecting an sfc10 bonnie-like penalty vote though, but then she kept going.

i'm not too broken up about iyzebel leaving. she really felt like an obvious boot on her tribe, it was hard to get invested in her, and it was only a matter of time until she was a premerger...

sarah sure found these turn of events funny. deary me!

what's a "sprite upgrade" to p. bear? the fourth wall has been torn down.

and after all this, i'm kinda worried for damon. he did try to stick up for iyzebel one comic ago, even with all her faults, but then... he entered the bad girls club :(
i think it's pretty interesting how angelo is sort of the bad cop to damon's good cop, if that makes sense. they seem to have a healthy way of resolving conflict :)

i hope damon will be there to comfort iyzebel when she finds out scott is gone. would she even want comfort, though?
well, i guess it does kinda sound like riley's a werewolf. maybe only under a full moon? whatever it is, at least we know it's not bondage! thanks eli!

lake's probably getting real suspicious of those four going off on their own.
uh oh, i thought bonnie wasn't going to gloat loudly in the confessionals this time around. the hills have eyes, you know! a lot of things in the mushroom kingdom have a face, actually. where's cherman and barbie when you need them?

c'mon brandi, do the right thing! i think bradley might eventually come to a similar conclusion about sarah. i hope.

EDIT: you know what? i bet thorne would be cruel enough to vote or idol someone out while they're crying about a dead family member. i found out how sarah loses, guys!
ouch, newbie slaughter. four in a row, i think? scott was funny sometimes, though i'm glad it wasn't brandi who left this tribal! i hope someone's going to catch on to bonnie soon. maybe she'll give a little TOO much waterworks after tribal council. bradley looks suspicious of her after scott got voted out.

"However the fallout from Scott's Elimination is yet to fully reach the Survivors." does this mean iyzebel is going to personally come over and beat the snot out of galaxie? lol