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I write Survivor. 31 seasons of it so far on Yeah I know.. I'm insane aren't I? XD
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This looks like it'll be a fun season!

Starting favorites are Claire, Kitsunie, Yessi, and Ernest.

Characters I like, but could change, are Ethan, Nolaa, Sagittaria, Sprinkles, and Nayla.

Characters I have no opinion on are Ria, Shin, That Guy, Frysk, and Lady Bit.

And the characters I think I won't like are Clarissa, Kasai, Deimos, and E.T.

And yes... I'm gonna call "???" That Guy. Makes it easier, y'know?
@SWSU-Master: Can't wait to see what's coming up, and I hope things are going well since all of that. :)
Shaega's just getting interesting. He's not going anywhere. Brandi's time is coming shortly. And even if Gekkota blows their game up, it's 3-3.

Unless Brandi's idol ends up being a fake....
Hopefully it was Sylvia who got the idol. She and Dustin could really use it over the super powered players. Although I think Tortana doesn't go to tribal this episode... it's probably Golgora, and hopefully Brandi leaving.

BONUS: Jake's having fun with Morrigan.
@SWSU-Master: Why is there no merge next week? Kinda odd to start it at 11 instead of 12. :O
@TJBambi93: Also, since he's basically finished, here's the video I made for my Jake MUGEN character showcase. Nothing too special, but it took me three hours to at least get him organized and cloned over, haha.
@Tailslover13: Can I just say that Tamara isn't that worthy of being in Bitches Coven? At least the things she's done is just her trying to stay in the game.

Brandi and Cordelia are far more bitchier and have done and said things that really are just... unnecessary.
Shaega's becoming odd lately... is Xeradonus coming back for one final hoorah? Probably not, but it would be a good plot twist. XD

Something tells me Marie isn't going home if Golgora loses. It will be Brandi or Cordelia. Either way, this is perfect for Daisuke. Hell, even Gekkota knows Cordelia is full of shit. XD
@Quizzical Pursuit: I think neither of them found the idol. Gekkota would have played it at Luna or Juli's tribals by now, same with Lea. Well... Lea was blindsided so.

I do think neither of them found it.
@Blastoise_FTW: Just a simple ordinary night. That's all. ;)
@Robolax7: I couldn't resist that Day 13 thing, haha. But thank you I guess? XD
At least that finally cleans up the Sylvia/Slyvia thing. XD Poor SWSU... I wonder how he made that mistake.

Ky's interesting in that he knows the speech bubbles... don't know if that's leading to anything. It might explain how he knows how Lea was a Ditto, and presumably nobody else but Leah/Juli.
Shaega learns how to laugh, finally. Wonder if he'll be able to do what Spencer was unable to fully do: Install feelings.exe

To be fair, Brandi, don't be too surprised if Gekkota becomes your demise. She merely used you to get rid of Juli, and soon Daisuke. You're probably next after Daisuke...

EDIT: Also, who created Shaega? He's one of the more interesting characters this season.
@anime9001: It's the fact that SWSU mentioned that he wouldn't mind seeing Juli again. I doubt it's going to be anytime soon, but it's been awhile since the last All-Star/Second Chance season for SFC.
@SWSU-Master: Yeah, that part is true. I've been wrong so many times this season. XD Thinking Lea will outlast Leah, thinking Juli will outlast Gekkota, Freddy making the merge, and of course, the purple rock last tribal. XD
@Congo: I used three different Marios in my series. Normal, Doctor, and Metal.

Uhhh... well, if I had to reccommend, I would say probably Season 11 or 12. THe first 8 seasons were low in quality, and I am rewriting my first season to give it more of an edge. Plus Season 10 was cancelled at the merger because I wasn't happy with it. I do intend to finish that as well.... but of course, I'm a lazy SOB when it comes to re-writing. XD
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: She was one of the highlights of Dingo Canyon after all... and one of the surprising additions to Last Chances. But hey... in the polls it was between her and Erron for the final slot. She snuck in.

Let's see if people like her this time around. :P

EDIT: Also, that's not eyeshadow. It's how inkling eyes are. XD
Yeah, I kinda called it when Lea was voted off that Juli would be the next to go.

Honestly, when I submitted Juli I didn't care where she would be voted off, but I feel like she got treated a little unfairly here. Bullied almost by Gekkota. Gekkota threw her under the bus Day 1, and in the end she wins. Kind of a lame way to go out, if you ask me.

Of course, always free to use Juli if you want, SWSU. Maybe depending on how Last Chances goes, Juli may or may not be different after all? We'll just have to see what happens. :)

To anyone who liked miss Julianna, thank you. IF you didn't... well... let's just say if Gekkota left she probably would have been a lot better afterwards. XD

EDIT: Oh! Forgot about my usual contender rankings. XD

Daisuke > Gekkota > Marie > Brandi > Cordelia > Shaega

Tamara > Zach > Leah > Sylvia > Taro > Dustin > Ky
@DryIceBros: Don't take what SWSU says seriously. He said he casted Eric only to get Brittany on the show back in SFC12, which implied she had a long term story... and then not a day later Brittany goes home.
If Lea was going to go out this early, more scenes with the Ditto would have been nice, instead of just, y'know... two or three scenes. Dx

I really thought Lea was going to outlast Leah, given that most of the villains have been taken out, and we needed at least ONE villain.

And since Lea is gone, that probably means Gekkota isn't going home as another obvious boot. Which likely means....