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my name is Fannar and i am Running a website called i'm a huge enthusiast for comics and i want to show the world my stories and everything that is buried in my head and i hope i will one day be able to! i'm a huge fan of marvel, image, and dc, and my favorite comic is invincible, hopefully i will someday reach their level :)
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@minakonumnums: no problem you deserve it, you got a real talent here :)
@Jaymzeecat: thats so cool i have a similar steps but i use manga studio instead of illuatrator haha and yeah you definitely should :)
@Jaymzeecat: no problem man i really like your drawings too, what kind of pens do you use or do you everything in the pc? :)
May 12th, 2015
omg yayy a zombie comic
i was starting to think there were none here on smackjeevs :)
your banner got me here and let me just say you are noticed haha :) great comic btw :)
rock on i'm really curious about this comic, can't wait for next update :)
what a great idea! i need to try that most of the comics ive worked on have been rather serious and i end up not enjoying making them, why not do something silly and have fun with it definietely something i'll try in the future haha :)
haha what a great start i can't wait to see more :)
hahaha niiice one earth worm jim one of my fav's :D
wow! truly amazing, and i love the no sound effects or speech balloons i think it's so original haha
ohh and a question: do you just draw everything in pc or do you do some of it traditionally?
i love how colorful this is just wow! and what a nice idea with the "bubbles" i think it gives it a lot of extra color and a nice touch :)
this cover art is to die for truly a great job! now i can't wait to read it :)
great cover art for the comic, i really like your flat colors too :)
May 12th, 2015
i loove the color scheme in this comic and the art great job man!
i really need to start playing with colors on comics haha '-_-