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Author, artist, musician (sorta), and collector of too many things to list here.

For what it's worth, I've been referred to as Kid Cthulhu since about 1996, both online and offline. Yeah, I was the weird kid who read Lovecraft in the back of the class in between drawing comic pages.

Warning: my SmackJeeves avatar changes on whims.
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    "Kid Cthulhu" Fortney
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I thought I saw a WIP of the next page yesterday; I was going to comment on it today but now I don't see it.

This is still an amazing page.
@Linn: Thanks. I thought it was about time these two had an arc and the season was perfect.
@Linn: Yeah, this was the big "awww!" moment in the arc.
Wow... I was not expecting that. I'm as stunned as the junior Paladins ^_~
Great backgrounds here. Especially the Tarot card poster of La Monde. That's from the Waite deck, I believe?

I think I see what Sare sees, but I'm keeping quiet as to not spoil any surprises ^_^
The tone shift isn't that bad, is it? As a general rule, I tend to keep things somewhat light no matter how bizarre they get.
@Dragonrider: You're in good company here; I'm sure you recognized some names from the Simply Sarah comments section ^_^

As for Belle, I do have a back story for her, but I'm still fighting with the best way to articulate it. What I'm saying is that questions won't be answered for quite some time.
@Karlijn: Even characters I designed to be one-dimensional end up getting fleshed out (ie Pearl).
@Karlijn: Belle does have a Hermione-like fixation on school, but it's clearly not her only motivation.
@Karlijn: Thank you! Wormfood is a real stand up guy and a good friend to have. He just also happens to be undead.
@Dragonrider: I had no idea you read Tangentville; welcome to the party!

The scenario certainly has a lot of unknown variables at the moment. There will eventually be a reveal but not for a long time, as I'm trying to figure out just how to do it.
The colors! The glorious colors!
@ninaqueenbee: I don't mind waiting for quality pages, but don't call me Jesus ^_~

This is a great page. It's simple and evocative. Great job!
@Passerby: ...and this is why Birdy is a better friend than a lot of people give her credit for ^_^
@Dadaph: Oh, I know the term quite well, as one of the armies I play is very glass cannon ^_^
It's weird seeing "glass cannon" outside of a miniature wargaming context (ie, Warhammer 40,000 players reviewing the latest Codex).

Great page; Nemesis almost looks like he has wings.
@creativerealms: Maybe his more recent adventures have made him slightly more mature.
@Jenny: Seconded ^_^
The crow returns. How very ominous...

Love the low angle on the 5th panel. I can never quite pull off some of those angles.

Yeah, the heat and other projects (plus work stress) has seriously slowed me down as well. I was doing a really good job with my buffer since March but now it's cutting things close again ^_~
Le Vite always struck me as an almost experimental comic. So it's not so much as mess as an art film ^_^