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Author, artist, musician (sorta), and collector of too many things to list here.

For what it's worth, I've been referred to as Kid Cthulhu since about 1996, both online and offline. Yeah, I was the weird kid who read Lovecraft in the back of the class in between drawing comic pages.

Warning: my SmackJeeves avatar changes on whims.
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    "Kid Cthulhu" Fortney
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@Passerby: To be fair, Candy doesn't even know Val has a kid form. She's been keeping it on the downlow... ...for now.
In case you forgot, this page is a call back to these two:
I know I touched on this last week. But it becomes very import later down the road...

Oh, and mermaid boobs.
November 17th, 2018
Candy still gets messed up with acronyms...
@Passerby: Wasn't there an Mtv series about a pair of vigilante college girls who did just that?
@Luca the gay agender: I think we've all done things as kids we're not proud of...
@Minim: All very good points. Plus you used the verb "snog", which is an Angloism I've always liked ^_^

Nice to see you commenting again. Welcome back.
@Creativerealms: Maybe not so much with the other students. But if it makes it to a parent or teacher, the media could have a field day. Remember the Alert The Media arc?
@Luca the gay agender: I think this experience would be enough to make her never go anywhere without her phone ever again.
@Luca the gay agender: Belle's come a long way since her first appearance.
@Luca the gay agender: I often forget just how widespread American popular "culture" is. I remember once I noticed a Frozen reference in Linn's comic and I mentioned I was surprised by that. To paraphrase her, she replied Norway wasn't some backwoods isolated place; I had to clarify that I was surprised about how widespread my country's pop culture was outside US borders. Just like when I noticed in a Korean horror movie that one character has Spongebob Squarepants toys in her room.

For the record, I've always loved Halloween. The town I grew up has the world's second largest Halloween parade, so the holiday has always been a big deal there ^_^
@Luca the gay agender: Yeah, Ted is pretty awesome. I too think it's funny when folks like Starch add "ism" to any word they find scary or think of progressive things in terms of "agendas" or "mafias".
November 13th, 2018
@Luca the gay agender: Thank you! I should do pages like this more often.
@Guest: The idea of a NyanMitzi has me both amused and horrified.
You still draw way better horses than I do, Luca! I didn't immediately get the "gay agenda" joke but I also just got up and haven't had coffee yet ^_~
@Luca the gay agender: Thank you. I try to to alternate the arcs between absurd and serious.
In case you forgot, Val's biomechanical body has a history of going a little haywire sometimes:

So yeah, she's always trying to find ways to work around that. This is her most recent one.

Have a good weekend, everyone. More zaniness next week and maybe a little something for the upcoming holiday ^_~
The original mean girl strikes again. The real question is not why would Ava do such a thing, but rather who would believe her.
When old gags collide!
If humans who keep cats as pets have cat memes, it stands to reason that cats who keep humans as pets would have human memes. Also, I'm pretty sure El Gato doesn't get cat memes.