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Author, artist, musician (sorta), and collector of too many things to list here.

For what it's worth, I've been referred to as Kid Cthulhu since about 1996, both online and offline. Yeah, I was the weird kid who read Lovecraft in the back of the class in between drawing comic pages.

Warning: my SmackJeeves avatar changes on whims.
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    "Kid Cthulhu" Fortney
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Happy birthday, man! Hope you're having a good day (aside from space bar issues).

Clothing designs for mundane human characters are hard for me. Tee shirts and jeans are too easy to fall back on.
@kidcthulhu: For those of you playing at home, the Cast page is fixed. Working on the Story Arcs page now, then on to Bonus Art.
@Whosyer trucker: I'd be afraid to think of what she might confuse TLC with. Acronyms are not Candy's strong suit!
@ERA: What? It is so vivid, it's breaking the color spectrum of the comic!
The prismatic effect with the garden hose came out great! Rainbows, rainbows, and more rainbows ^_~
@Whosyer trucker: JD's a harder character to write for than you'd think.
Aris looks great in that first panel. Not being able to see her eyes really adds to the mood.
September 19th, 2019
@Demon Duck of Doom: I wasn't familiar with that trope until now. Very fitting...

I suppose we can add Penny's mom to that list?
@Creativerealms: I can only really think of one off the top of my head.
September 18th, 2019
@Jenny: My girlfriend loves the little smile Pearl flashes in the last panel.
@Creativerealms: Yes, he at least stuck to just puns. The last thing Rick needs are displaced Fremen chasing Shai Hulud through his house!
@ERA: You know what they say; Dune + Starship Troopers X Elric = Warhammer 40,000 ^_~
And again, Aris proves she's my favorite character...
"Loch Rymose" is the best lacrimosa pun I have ever heard! Well done!

Sorry, I can't resist a good pun and no one else in the comments mentioned it yet.
And we end the week with nudity and a call back to #1132-Loud. What's not to like?

Next week is more craziness with Burt, Birdy, Belle, and even some characters whose names don't start with "B". Have a great weekend!
Infernal-American still makes me chuckle...

FYI: The census taker is Molly The Skullscout's mother.
September 18th, 2019
Starch is disingenuous as ever and Lex Talionis esq looks like someone whose bad side you don't want to be on!
Sometimes I really do thinks kids can grasp concepts like this easier than adults because they have less baggage...
My dad and I are huge fans of the David Lynch adaption. Meanwhile, my mother can't stand Dune; my girlfriend's mother loves all the novels (but my girlfriend is not a Dune fan in the slightest).
@Whosyer trucker: I'd likely end up eating half a jar of PB by myself this weekend trying to recscan and reupload everything >_<