Author, artist, musician (sorta), and collector of too many things to list here.

For what it's worth, I've been referred to as Kid Cthulhu since about 1996, both online and offline. Yeah, I was the weird kid who read Lovecraft in the back of the class in between drawing comic pages.

Warning: my SmackJeeves avatar changes on whims.
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    "Kid Cthulhu" Fortney
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Wow Karlijn, you really brought your A-game for this comic! The art is gorgeous and the way you did the digital lettering really works well. I look forward to your sporadic updates.

Have a good pride week ^_^
@Karlijn: I know, right? So heartless!
@Linn: Metamoronphosis is a good one, Linn!
Nice architecture! I always have issues with buildings.
@Shepard Solus: "Ron Perlman=Moai" made me crack up.
@22xander: That would be very interesting...
July 24th, 2017
I love Amaya's face in the last panel...
@22xander: We'll see. Many characters I think of as one-offs often come back when you least expect it.
@22xander: Glad you enjoyed the arc ^_^
@ninaqueenbee: Ahhh, okay ^_^. I have a mysterious gender fluid character in my own comic, so I know what you mean.
@Shepard Solus: It's actually a schwa, which is from the phonetic alphabet for dictionary pronunciations.

And yeah, if the Skull Scouts answered the call, things would have been a lot messier ^_^
Curiouser and curiouser! I love the crow just popping up as soon as Lenore's name is mentioned.
@ERA: I don't do rip-offs, I do homages ^_~

Attack on Turnip is funny, though.
Part nine of "Day Of The Turnip".

Did anyone see this coming?
Part eight of "Day Of The Turnip".

Do we all remember, Hietah? He's a parody of a certain anime villain with a dozen "final ultimate" forms. Hietah only popped up once back on #468 One Wing Angel. I didn't think I'd ever reuse him, but then this joke came to me.

This page always makes me laugh, even as I was scanning it. Those last two panels kill me. It goes from Hello Kitty to a Monty Python animation in 2 seconds flat!
Part seven of "Day Of The Turnip".

It took every fiber of my being not to outright steal a joke from the "Homer The Heretic" episode of the Simpsons. Once again, the "bad guys" end up being more dependable and likeable than the "hero".

Note how I fall back on the trope of my characters being terrible liars.
Part six of "Day Of The Turnip".

For whatever reason, I have a really hard time writing Shuko-chan into comics. Then I'm working on my ridiculous super hero melee and this idea popped into my head. I love the Moai in the last panel.
That's some incredible art, Fallopes...
Ah, you see what It wants you to see...
@Linn: Where is this heading? Into an epic super hero parody! Get some popcorn.