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Author, artist, musician (sorta), and collector of too many things to list here.

For what it's worth, I've been referred to as Kid Cthulhu since about 1996, both online and offline. Yeah, I was the weird kid who read Lovecraft in the back of the class in between drawing comic pages.

Warning: my SmackJeeves avatar changes on whims.
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    "Kid Cthulhu" Fortney
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I think people require more space than they realize. Also, fantasy can be a good thing as long as it doesn't consume you. But I have no idea why society as a whole has so much trouble with those two concepts ^_~
@Demon Duck of Doom: Good point. Bonus points for knowing She Creature ^_~
@Passerby: Ooh, Edward D. Wood jr. reference! Nice!
@Dark Phoenix: I'm impressed you remembered that!
@Linn: Well if Rick Sanchez can find the dimension with the best ice cream in the multiverse, then Forty-Two and Forty-Three can find the best lemonade ^_~
@Linn: I have a friend who says "sniffy" instead of "spiffy". It's been twenty years but none of have the heart to correct him.
@Jenny: I had a coworker who was painfully tone-deaf and would loudly sing along to her headphones but she didn't know she was doing it. It was like a reflex for her. We were always IMing her with, "Diane! You're singing again!"
@GmanNJ: I was gambling Alabama
I took a little whisk
Send lawyers, gums, and monkeys
Dad, get me Alger Hiss
@Dark Phoenix: Wow, you summed up Ava perfectly in five words; shallow as a kiddy pool. I am impress ^_^
@Linn: Dare I ask, what's the first dumbest thing you've seen someone do today?
Avoiding stereotypes, in any kind of story, can sometimes be harder than you think. But as long as you're aware of them, you can steer clear. For example, I tried damn hard to make my character of Olivia not to be the "token trans" character in my comic.

Chris's apartment is bigger than my house! I'm jealous ^_~

And lastly, I'm sorry for your loss, Karlijn. I remembered what you said on previous pages. While I was happy to see a new page, I also knew the other implications. I'm glad that you feel better and have some closure.
Too obvious or too overplayed? Naah, it works just fine. Well done.
Well the good news I guess is that if Leeroy tries to double-cross them, his lack of hands/arms will make it difficult at best.
Cue Sare frantically digging up the second witch bottle with her hands next week. Hope she doesn't end up like the protagonist in The Woman In Black.

Great page, as always. The angry faces in the bird pupils are a nice touch. I also really like the patterns on the clothing in the last panel. Just seems to really pop here, possibly because of the contrast to the other panels.
Ah, two of my favorite things; old B-movies and truly awful puns ^_^

We got more zaniness on Monday. Have a good weekend, everyone!
Once again referencing events from the "Down The Shore" Arc:

One of these days, when I figure out the best way to do it, I will reveal what's going on with Belle.
I sympathize with Diego here. I have difficulties showing up on time; I'm either just a bit late or ridiculously early (trying to avoid being a bit late). To quote The Ramones, "I can't make it on time..."
Well I certainly couldn't call this page "Single White Female", now could I?

For those of you who need a refresher, this page is a call back to this one:
Yes, I'm making obscure references again; it's what I do...
September 14th, 2018
@creativerealms: Knowing him, he left it out intentionally for being the Devil's spice or some such nonsense ^_~