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I really enjoy comics and pokemon
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    Randy Lim
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AY i just read through the entire comic till here! Cant wait to see waht's next :3
@wolfoxx: oh alright. no biggie. good luck in your college :)
y have i reached the end?!! i know there'll be more but ill be patient for now >:)
I just read through this entire thing in a day and MAN! It made me feel all sorts of things. Mostly sadness :(
Totally On a date ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lol the prez
she reminds me of Sia
@Loverofpiggies: he reminds me of your Fresh! Sans. IDk why..
Threesomes :D. WTF AM I SAYING
Pichu!!!! Nooooo. You forgot to tie your shoelaces
Daww sho cute
Is it me or is the art sale a bit differ
Wonder how this will effect the test
That's a HUGE BALL. *smirk* hah-*shot*
This is the best and cutest comic I have seen. Pls make....... More.......... This comic is my oxygen....... I can't live without it.
Thought u were dead jkjk. But I'm glad to see this back