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I like reading comics.
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@Guest: *seel
I fully agree with @JinxazuMarai in that the name would be Cid. If not for Cid, Cecil would not be a member of the Red Wings. They would be instead the Red Sails.
@HyperTurtle32 That was a late response! I already knew what you had stated, so it really wasn't necessary. Thanks for the reply, anyway!
@Thunder the shinx: Silver is just behind her. There's absolutely no way that's Silver, but likely a team rocket grunt.
NOOO Gible! WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
@HyperTurtle32 I know who the three figures are, I was just poking fun at the scaled-down size of them.
It's a Chespin, Happiny, and a Swablu.
Uh oh
I finally thought about the names of your pokemon, and I just remember cogito means "I think".
That new character looks like a young Fennel! Making a prediction right here.
Nice and derpy Steelix. I also like the guard walls for the trainers.
@Ninja: It would have been great if instead of Bart telling Atty where the gym leaders were, he said, "Umm, what were you saying? I was busy thinking about how lovely it would be to have some DELICIOUS CRISPY CHICKEN." (It's a reference you prob won't get).
2 Years L8
I'm feeling euphoric, m8!
How am I supposed to like the characters if I sympathize with the antagonists? I automatically dislike the protagonists because all my life I've been playing as the trainer. I know this is all opinionated, and I tend to dislike the main protagonists in stories with in-depth character development. I'm sorry. The story does make a lot of sense, though. How are pokemon okay with being forced to fight against their will, but the whole human race being blamed takes a toll on me. Maybe that one guy in the anime that invented the pokeball should be killed. I couldn't care less about him! This was just my opinion on the story after going through it in one sitting. This is not meant to change your story in any way, and you should continue what you're doing. My heart is being pulled in too many directions right now, and I needed a wall of text to calm me down.