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Glow Cloud (almighty)
I jus- I love this comic. So good. YUSS. *Words that are expressive here* pff. Keep up the good work lol idk it feels kinda weird giving encouragement to a stranger but O Whale ^-^ I dids it cuz I feel like you should gets it
Dis cute I accept the opollogiz ^-^
Nuu you da bowm I not a new fan. I've been here from the start but this is still like one of my favorite comics, like no joke it's awesome congrats and I can't wait for moooore hehe ^-^
Omg I know dis one it's not cool by Shane Dawson lol looks awesome btw
And I would totally watch the live stream

Edit: @OreoGayer's because I have no life lol ^-^
Look at that holy booty >////< omggg
And I feel you on being poor dude it suckzzzz sooo bad :p
Eep I can't wait for the updates great job with these btw ^^-^^
Haha congrats on 600+ lol I entered and I left a comment when I did. I hope you like it ^^-^^ I can't wait to see where this comic goes in the future. Hopefully up and up and up haha anyway congranulations
@Lady in Motley: I'm so on board with this I would read that 24/7 we should make it happen
aww he wanted to protect him <3<3 so cute ^^-^^
Omg this just got 1000x cutier....I am strange one. Art looks amazing btw
Omfg that reference made me snort/laugh lol ps it look great ;)
@Tuxie: haha mkay I shall it bad that I'd wear not in public but like when I'm binge watching netflix
Looks great and I love when you updaye
I'm so stoked for the next chapter I can't wait. I kinda like the simple cover it adds mystery~(©-©)~oooooo lol
Hwi you said in the stream that you love the comments so here I be lol it looks amazing (of course ^^--^^) and I'm so excited to hear what he's been waiting to do <3
oh poor bb you need rest. Cant wait for the page tho <3
Awe man I would love to guess but I got nothin but it looks amazing. I can't wait for chapter two ^^-^^