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pokemon pc is not ready yet. need to make charzard less roundy.....
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Well. They tried
Rip emo grotle.
You will not be missed
Help needed
I ned hepl 4 mega evolutions, new attacks, DPPt backgrounds for attacks, close to ORAS tiles, stat boost/lower stuff, scripting and support.

And the rayquaza thingy that happens in delta episode its so awesome like it flies into the meteor and illuminati appears and BOOM awesome deoxys battle.

And battle backgrounds and new attack animations for old attacks.
Yes, it's me
JJJJJJJ with a hack
They all look with dose small eyes butt the raichu has like dem big eyes
Kek. You may ask whats wrong and stuff... Soooo lets go back....

Yesterday i found a flippen squirtle [aquarius over 300 cp] after that i found another one [my grandma has a squirtle spawn, a gym and 3 pokestops near the appartement] i was so happy. But then it FLED.
Like my abra
Squirtle fled.
That one cloud of dust.
It was kinda heartbreaking.
I really like bulbasaur squirtle charmander line, raichu and rayquaza. So it was kinda hard.
Even if my grandma has a squirtle nest, im only there for a week. And its almost in another land.
Everytime i see 1,2 or even 3 squirtles,i only get pidgies and rattatas. So the others came from eggs (TEAM INSTINCT!) or were at my house. Btw i got an op slowbro and pidgeot.
[Bro and kill, bro over 900 cp and kill over 700]
And soon im going to Portugal.

Well adios.
That was pretty cold of him.
Articuno really needs to chill.
The move itself looked cool tho.
Sup homies
Thug lyfe school.
Stoopid work.
Stoopid chair.
so, heres a sprite edited by me.
use it in hacks.

BTW birthday was some days ago.
The egg hatches and kills nicipher and then flies to another world. End of story.
Wait.... Did he just did the huhuh?