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Hmm, interesting... :)
FRIENDSHIP! *sparkles and hearts float around*
Shhhh! You'll jinx it!
Sounds like Bruno... XD
@tae-im: Suuure it is. I think you're doing this on purpose! XD
@tae-im: wwwhAAAAAAT?!?! No way? What? But he looks so... WHAAAT!?!?
@tae-im: Hmm... I like Snaggletooth. Suits him. ;P
April 23rd, 2016
His face in the last panel. XD
This new guys seems like he needs to chill out. All work and no play makes Gore... something something.
April 23rd, 2016
What is with his armour?
How is it so detailed and awesome?
So much attention to detail, even in the backgrounds! O_O
Nooooooo! IS this the end?
Darn I wish there was more.
Great job so far though, I'm really loving this.

Just out of curiosity (and because I'll probably end up stalking this comic now...) when do you update?
I love how she's a sensible character. She doesn't slip when people are around, she finds ways to talk to the ghosts in public. She's brilliant. I love characters who can actually use their brain without that whole, cold & aloof stereotype that seems to permeate the media. Good job! ^_^
Why is everyone so darn cute in this comic?
Even extras and background characters?
I can't deal with this.
Especially cos your facial expressions are outstanding! I can't make my drawing this expressive and mine aren't even anthropomorphic characters! A-mazing.
Is that Fiona without streaky hair?
...So then is that Thamus? Maybe?
Ooor I'm completely wrong and these guys are new characters or something I unno...
Wow, imagine coming home to that after a night out. Yummy! X3
Bruno, no. My love! Why you do this?
Woop Woop Hottie Alert Woop Woop!
This is a red alert, there is a hottie in the building!
And he uses words like 'Cad'!

Who's the new character? Will he appear often? ;P
Stop ending your chapters with sadness! NOOOO!
Aww does Thamus fancy her? Cute ^_^
Gonna assume that's Josh - in which case I understand why she likes him. He's adorable! :3